ASUS Transformer Trio – 3-in-one Tablet, Laptop, and a Desktop

Finally ASUS, the Taiwanese computer hardware and electronics company which is known for its Good-Durable computer components announces the Transformer Book Trio at its “We Transform” Computex event which will continue till 7th June.

asus trio


The ASUS Transformer Book Trio is a 3-in-one gadget (Laptop, Tablet and a Desktop) which was announced by ASUS on 3rd June, 2013 at the Computex Event. With a 11.6-inch, 1080p screen, this 3-in-one gadget will be able to run two different Operating systems together and to run these operating systems smoothly It will possess two different processors to do processing work.

Operating Systems

This gadget will have two-inbuilt operating systems, It will operate on the most favoured operating system for Tablets – Android OS and one of the Latest OS from Microsoft – Microsoft Windows 8.

  • Android: This gadget will seize Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and will operate on Android OS when it is in Notebook and Tablet mode. It won’t be able to run on Android OS when it will be in Desktop mode because the hardware part which will be running Android OS is located inside the tablet proper (behind the Screen)


  • Microsoft Windows 8: It will also operate on the Latest operating system from Microsoft- Microsoft Windows 8 OS. When it is in Notebook mode it will run on both Android as well as Windows 8. But when it is in Tablet mode it won’t be able to operate on Windows 8 OS.

With the help of a physical key you will also be able to switch Operating systems simultaneously, but note those keys will only work when the tablet is attached to the Keyboard dock.


A processor is responsible for the processing the tasks, being a 3-in-one gadget it will come with a 2-in-one Processor.

  • Tablet mode: It will have a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 Processor which will be responsible for the processing of tasks which will only be used when the gadget is in Tablet mode.
  • Notebook and Desktop mode: It will also come with 4th Generation core i7-4500U processor to process the tasks at the time when the gadget will be in Notebook as well as Desktop mode.


The storage capacity determines the amount of data which can be stored in a gadget. This 3-in-one Gadget will be able to store data on the basis of its modes. When the gadget will be in Tablet mode It will possess 64GB memory to store data and while it is in Notebook or Desktop mode it will possess 1TB (1024GB) HDD

  • Tablet mode: When the gadget is in tablet mode, It will be capable of storing data up to 64Gb. 64Gb is more than enough for a normal user.
  • Notebook and Desktop mode: When the gadget is in Notebook/Desktop mode it will have 1TB available storage to store data.


This gadget has multiple OS’s, Different modes (Tablet, Notebook, and Desktop) and Dual-Processor, which makes it compulsory for the gadget to have multiple batteries too. When the Tablet proper is detached from the Keyboard dock it will need a battery to use the gadget in tablet mode.

Now you will be thinking that one battery if was fitted only in the Tablet proper would be enough, but before thinking this be logical that this gadget is 3-in-one gadget which also includes desktop mode and to use the gadget in Desktop mode We will require a battery in the keyboard dork too. To use Desktop mode and Tablet mode at the same time two batteries are must!

It will have a 19Wh cell and a 33Wh cell.

It will use the 33Wh cell battery it is in Laptop or Desktop mode and the 19Wh cell will be used when it is in Tablet mode 19Wh battery inside the Tablet proper, while the 33Wh battery will be placed in the keyboard dork.


Applications make the life of the people easy. With Android you’ll be able to get access to more than 70,000 Apps and with Windows you’ll get access to 50,000 apps.

Ram, Camera and Other specifications are not yet announced but we will soon let you know as soon as possible. As soon as we will get all the details we will post the conclusion also.

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  • August 29, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Where can I buy Asus Transformer Book Trio? Any local store of Asus here in Philippines? How much per unit if we buy 5 units of TX201LA model?

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