9 Best Android Apps For Kids 2014

There are literally thousands of Free and Best Android Apps for kids, but they changes wildly in quality. Today’s kids are more tech-savvy than ever. So Keeping that mind AllTechnoBlog.Com have gathered fun apps for kids which will keep your kids entertained, educated and engaged.

Angry Birds

angry brids

Angry Birds is not just a simple app for teenagers who want to have fun but it is also a fantastic app for kids to enjoy and learn physics. This most famous game has been categorizes into different amazing themes. The purpose of this game is to fling birds from a slingshot at boxes, ice cubes, glass, wood, stone, etc.

The top quality graphics and super funny sounds of the angry birds and pigs are amusing, and kids at early ages will surely have fun throwing birds from a slingshot. With multiple unique levels and different Birds, Angry Birds is a great application for sheer pleasure and happiness for kids.

Download: Angry Birds


Kid mode


Kid mode is the most extraordinary and appropriate application in this list. This app is mostly suitable for the kids between 1 to 8 years of age. Every game in this app are designed to be puzzling and educational thus maintaining the child’s attention and curiosity. Topics like phonics, mathematics, pronunciation, logic, decision-making and language are included in this app. It is supposed to be one of the excellent app for children for every point of view.

Download: Kid mode


Talking Tom Cat


This is another amazing application of Android. Talking Tom Cat retells what you say, but in a silly and funny voice. It also responds to your touch. Kids will love Petting Tom, poking Tom, annoying Tom, touching his tail and thus creating fun from every way.

Download: Talking Tom Cat


Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is an app to test responses and quickness in which you have to cut pieces of fruit to earn points. Striking a bomb or letting a piece of fruit drop to the floor causes you to lose lives. The graphics in this game are amazing and the gameplay is much addictive. A smart choice to keep kids entertained.

Download: Fruit Ninja




MagicMarker app could be best described as a neon version of Paint in your hand. It is a simple and easy touch-to-draw painting app which kids can use to make whatever they wants, write messages of their choice and so forth. For them it is a kind of funbook with a set of ample of glowing pens which never run out of ink.

Download: MagicMarker


Memory for Kids

Memory for Kids

This is a simple app of matching pairs with which we are all familiar. Discovering the tiles reveals items, and the kid has to remember where the first one was when they find the second. When pairs are found at the same time, those tiles are cracked and stay revealed. It’s a fun for very young kids, and serves as a memory focusing exercise too.

Download: Memory for Kids




Android has his own wardrobe in this app. Kids can dress him up in many ways, give him hair, and adjust his body proportions to represent them nicely. Once an Android replica of someone is complete, it can also be shared on any social networking websites.

Download: Androidify


Coloring book

Coloring book

Coloring Book is an app to color images of animals, people, nature, airplanes and much more to keep the little ones entertained for hours. This app has the zoom feature to approach the smallest details, and the undo option too.

Download: Coloring book




Homework app help your kids to schedule tasks and lessons, set reminders, review the test plan, and manage their time.

Download: Homework

These are some of the Top and widely used Android apps for kids. If you are using any other app for apple of your eyes than do let us know & don’t forget to share this with your amigos on social network.

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