Complete Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Price

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 made entry into market as slimmest and big screened tablet with better performance and better display. The main USP about the Tablet is that it has got quite bigger screen then all other normal tablets present in the market. When you compare Samsung Galaxy Tab with Apple iPad you can find that Samsung Galaxy Tab has got almost similar feature at quite less price compared to Apple iPad.

So if you are among those for whom brand doesn’t matter but money matters then Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is for you. Here is complete review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 so that you can make decision whether to buy it or not.

Technical Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 :

  • Its powered with Android v3.1 (Honeycomb) OS and can be updated to Android v4.0 with ease.
  • It has 3 MP Primary Camera which is quite efficient in taking photos in Day light but not so successful in Night Mode.
  • For video Calling purpose Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with 2 MP Secondary Camera and same is applicable with it, its successful only in Day light rest fails.
  • Well it has quite big screen of 10.1-inch sized TFT LCD multi Touch screen built with capacitive technology.
  • The heart of the tab comes with 1 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor for high speed performance. So if you are willing to buy a tab for gaming purpose then this tab is better suitable for your needs.
  • No matter the Pixel density of the camera is less but still the tab supports HD Recording.
  • The phone comes in different version 3G + Wi-Fi Enabled and only Wi-Fi Enables so choose one according to your need.

Samsung galaxy tab 750

Complete Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 :

Design Review :

When you hold Samsung Galaxy Tab in your hands for First time you will really feel good. Samsung has really taken utter care in Designing the Tab no matter controversies are going on that Samsung has copied the design from Apple’s iPad. But we can just ignore the controversies for a moment and can rejoice the design of the tablet.

Display Review :

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has quite larger display compared to any other tablet present in the market. The display of the Tab is quite bright and has better display properties that is you can visualize the color in far better way. So in matter of Display Samsung Galaxy Tab is better compared to iPad from Apple.

Battery Life Review :

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes up with 7000 mAh battery which is quite large and enough for the tablet having 10.1 inch display. If you are using the tablet for one whole day in normal way then battery lasts for almost 24 hours. But if you are hard core gamer then you need to search out for charging point within 10-12 hours of usage.

Overall Review :

Well we can rate the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in following way, we can say that the Display of the Tab is really large enough and has better colors. It has quite modern design and will surely survive in the market. Talking about Money the price of the Tab is currently high.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 :

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India is all around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 32,000. So if you are running out of budget then this tab is not for you.

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