Everything you need is in OLX

When we buy or sell something, we don´t always go to a shop directly. Indeed, we have got used to looking for it at Internet so a very good option is classifieds online. It is a very comfortable and quick way of finding all you desire. And nowadays that we change our electronic devices as smartphones, tablets or pcs very often, it is a perfect solution.


A leading company in this area is OLX. It allows you to buy or sell everything you want and without leaving home. It is not difficult to use at all: you just have to send a photograph of the product, write an announcement, and log in with your email. What is more, the company has launched a mobile application to make people easier –if possible- get everything they want. The app is compatible with all kinds of operating systems: iOs, Andriod, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone. The idea is that people stay connected with a finger touch.


OLX  is available in more than 105 countries and in 40 languages. It was founded in March of 2006. Since then, the company hasn´t stopped working hard and investigating about how to improve all its services. That is the reason why OLX has come to be in the top 20 most visited sites in India. In OLX India, traffic has grown 55 times in the last two years. Amarjit Batra, CEO of OLX, spoke about the development of the company and said: “All over India  OLX is being used as a verb (‘Bech De’ – means ‘Sell It’) for selling unused household stuff among the masses in India across all social classes. It´s gratifying to have been able to have built such a loyal base of users and strong brand equity across all India in a short span of two years”.

But you won´t see OLX only in Internet. Under the tagline “Everything sells”, the company has made a very interesting and informative TV campaign whose aim is to show how easy is to sell or buy something in OLX. You can see all the videos in the official YouTube canal.

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