How to get all your photos in Flickr after Everpix shutdown

Sudden shutdown of Everpix has made its user really upset as they thought they are losing out on a good storing place of their photos. It had an interesting feature known as “Explore” which would sort out the photo in different categories like Nature, Animals and City. Everpix is gone, so, what next? Everybody who was fond of Everpix has now turned to Flickr for storing their photos. With so many features that Flickr has to offer it obviously becomes the best choice for most of the people. Moreover, Flickr has been around for some time now (since 2004) and has its own base of followers who are happy with its services. So, it was obvious choice for the users of Everpix that they will opt for Flickr after Everpix shutdown.

Advantage of Flickr


Flickr now provides up to 1TB of free storage and it is huge storage place compared to any other services. With the introduction of new background app refresh you can actually auto upload on iOS 7 iPhone app. So, now the big question is how to make your entire collection of photos uploaded in Flickr possible? You will get hundreds of apps to get your photos uploaded in the Flickr but while choosing any app try to see whether it can take the load of huge collection of photo transfer. As some apps choke in the mid way of photo transfer leaving you frustrated.

Tried and tested app for uploading photos

The Finder is trusted by many users while uploading photos from Mac. Here what you can do is select the photos you want to transfer and click on the sharing menu located in the Finder Toolbar and update Flickr as your destination. So, if you are uploading hundreds of photos at a go then it will take a while but eventually you will get a dialog box where you have to manage the access settings and tags.

It is advised that you choose the private access settings else all your photos will end up on the public forum. After you are done with the access settings, now it’s the turn of tags so you can tag your photos as per years or any common features of the photos which will help you to sort out the photos later in Flickr. Now click on the go button and you can do your stuff as it will take some time to upload.

In some cases the progress windows disappear so in that case you have to manually check whether all the photos have been uploaded or not. You have another option of checking, what you can do is to click on the photo streaming page and choose tags. After that you just have to browse down through the last tag you chose at the end and match the number that has been uploaded if it matches then you are done.


So, we have Flickr which gives us enough room to upload all our favorite moments at one place giving us the option to share if we want and if we just want to store then also it is the best option. Another important thing is that if you want to use any other account then it won’t be a problem anymore as it automatically does the job of uploading the pictures.

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