iPhone 6 with iOS 7 Seems to be coming soon according to leaked logs

iphone 6 with iOS 7 concepts

We all know that iPhone 5 powered by iOS 6 is almost three months plus few days old and we also know that it’s a big period in tech world. So for sure Apple is all set to launch something new soon.  Along with it many developers have spotted quite unique kind of activities with their App logs. They have spotted a device probably iPhone 6 having identifier ‘iPhone6,1’ which is probably powered by iOS 7. The Developer who had spotted this via log of his App in iStore said that this is the first time ever in the History of Apple that they have shown trace of something which they  are going to launch in future.

Till now whatever stuffs are being spotted related to Apple are just Big Fat Rumors. This is first time that some developer who has got traces of Apple’s Beta Testing Products via their Apps usage logs.

The all new iPhone may be Probably named as iPhone 6 powered by iOS 7 will be launched into the market by Apple all around the second half of this year. We can say this by seeing the gaps between all previous iPhone launches and the rumors being spread in market. Recently Apple has made great improvements to the iPhone 5 maps and also have made many other changes to the iOS 6 are also some of the signs of future release of iOS 7.

Now talking about the developer whose App was being used in iPhone 6 powered with iOS 7 said that he has made this statement based on the app usage logs of his App. That is his some Apps which are listed in iStore seems to be used by device having identifier “iPhone6,1” having iOS 7 named iOS installed in it. He has also released the log.

The current version of iPhone by Apple is iPhone 5 and it has identifier stating “iPhone5,1” and if you are LTE handset you can also see “iPhone5,2” both this version are running on with iOS 6.

Now back to the rumor, according to the developer he has checked the IP address in the log where this coming soon iPhone 6 having identifier “iPhone6,1” powered by iOS 7 belong to Apple’s Cupertino campus. So it’s all clear t

hat Apple is all set with plans for new iPhone to be launched into market all be second quarter of this year having. The new iPhone will probably will be known as iPhone 6 and will be having identifier “iPhone6,1” along with iOS 7 being run on it.

Developer hasn’t shared any other report about the new device like Screen size, Camera resolution or any other hardware specifications.

Along with the report many other developers who have direct link with the Apple developers community have stated that the company’s software development team has started working on latest version of iOS which will be probably named as iOS 7.

So if you are not satisfied with the current release of iPhone by Apple which is iPhone 5 then wait for few more days and you can enjoy iPhone 6 with iOS 7 installed on it.


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