Outlook.com – A big time webmail competitor by Microsoft

Microsoft has given a new name and a complete overhaul to Gmail, a sixteen years old web mail service. Microsoft has now launched a big time Gmail competitor in the market named Outlook.com. The new monochromatic interface of Outlook.com looks nice and it is comprised with some new and innovative tweaks for enhanced user interface. The company has injected various innovative features into this webmail and it is specially designed for individual business professionals. There are four major reasons why most of the professionals will switch over to Outlook.com from Gmail.

Privacy Protection  

Privacy protection is one of the creepiest parts of Gmail. You can easily do text mining on your emails and use the necessary information for surfacing target ads. This is actually the price that you have to pay on Gmail for free webmail service and unlimited data storage. If you are emailing anyone about a holiday trip, then Gmail will simultaneously surface the text ads along with your mails. Most of these ads are useful and unobtrusive but still most of the persons get freaked out after realizing the fact that Google is reading their mails.

Outlook.com is a perfect alternative to Gmail in terms of privacy protection. There are many business professionals who use webmail for transmitting sensitive or potentially valuable information. Microsoft has capitalized on this uneasiness of Gmail and promised that Outlook.com will not do any kind of text mining on the user’s inbox. You don’t have to pay any kind of price for using free service and unlimited data storage on Outlook.com. Microsoft has stated that they will not scan the attachments or emails of the user and not even sell the information to any company or advertiser. It simply means that you will not notice any kind of ads in your personal conversation.

Privacy protection feature on Outlook.com doesn’t mean that this webmail service will not have ads. You will notice an ads column on the main inbox screen but these ads will not focused on any individual message.

Automatic Folders

“Automatic folders” is also one of the amazing features of Outlook.com. You can easily create virtual folders for sorting out your emails. You can create folders for common stuff like Facebook and Twitter alerts, newsletters, professional mails and other types of advertisement mails. This feature is actually operated with the help of an algorithm and you will surely love the low touch nature of this amazing feature by Microsoft. You can also streamline this process by setting up your own inbox according to your needs.

According to Microsoft’s Chris Jones, Outlook.com can sort out your messages from newsletters, social updates and alerts, contacts and shipping updates automatically. This sweep feature will enable you to move, delete as well as set up some powerful rules in just a few clicks. “Automatic folders” feature of Outlook.com can help you in managing your inbox according to your priorities. There is another mail management feature of Outlook.com that allows you to hang back any particular mail and get a set of actions to flag it as important or delete it or sort in into particular folder.

Social Integration

Microsoft has introduced a social integration feature into Outlook.com. This feature can allow you to draw all the necessary contact details about the person to whom you are sending emails. All the social contact details of any person will appear in the right column in a simpler manner. According to the latest reviews, Microsoft has taken the social integration feature of Outlook.com a little further. It means that you will not only see the contact details of the person from different social networks but you will also be able to see their updates. Another important feature of Outlook.com is instant messaging. You can easily do facebook chat within your Outlook.com account.

Mobile experience

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft’s Outlook.com is that it can be easily optimized for an amazing mobile experience. You can easily manage your mails on Outlook.com from your mobile phones or tablets. According to Microsoft’s Chris Jones, “Outlook.com is a different approach in comparison to Google’s Gmail.”

Well, these are some of the amazing features and benefits of Outlook.com over Gmail. This innovative webmail service will surely impress you with its excellent and pioneering user tweaks and user interface.

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