Be Ready for Next Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is all set for the launch event of Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung had already announced in past that they are going to launch Samsung Galaxy S4 on March 14 2013 at times square new york. It will be really an unique kind of launch event as unique as the mobile.




Samsung had released few official teaser videos of Samsung Galaxy S4 in past. The video Teasers of Samsung Galaxy S4 have already created high buzz in cyber world.

Seeing all different ways of creating excitement towards S4 by the company we can anticipate that mobile will surely be having highly unique features and surely going to give high level competition to Apple iPhone and Sony Xperia’s Z series phones.

Predications about Samsung Galaxy S4’s technical specifications :

Samsung Galaxy S4 probably will be powered by high powerful quad core processor. Reports say that Samsung will be launching S4 in different country with different variant of processors.

It will be having 5 inch SuLux display. It will be first of its kind smart phone in market to be powered with SuLux display.

It will be having 13 MP HD primary camera which will be able to click and record HD videos.

It will also be having 2 MP secondary front facing camera for video chat.

Reports also say that phone will be having gesture recognition. For example if you are watching a video on S4 and the moment you move your eyes away from the screen the mobile will pause the video. This feature will probably known as Smart Pause. Smart pause will probably even pause the games you are playing on the device.

Galaxy s4

It will also be having feature named Smart Scroll that is you can scroll screen using your eye gestures. So if all this reports are true then for sure S4 will be unique and first of its kind mobile to feature Gesture recognition.  If all this go true then Apple and Sony who are tough competitors of Samsung in Smart phone market surely going to face hard times soon.

Well guarantee of presence of any of above anticipated feature can’t be taken till Samsung officially makes any statement over S4. Or we need to wait till 14 of March when Samsung is Officially going to launch the mobile into the market.

Reports also suggest that Samsung S4 will not be having anything new in matter of design. It will be all upgraded version of S3 with little tweaks and modifications to it. Many leaked pics into the market from Chinese technology blogs also support this statement. So if it’s true then we can say that Samsung is following Apple’s strategy of iPhone design. Apple launches newer versions of iPhone with design almost similar to previous versions.

So what do you feel ? Will Samsung Galaxy S4 be a highly advanced phone compared to all other smart phones released into the market ? Will it be able to beat Apple’s iPhone and Sony Xperia Z series mobile phones ? Comment your view Below.

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