Sony Xperia Z Review and Price in india

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Sony Xperia Z will be listed in the Top Mobile phones chart as soon as it gets launched into the market. It will be the phone which will help Japanese Mobile producing company Sony Xperia to get back in to the market. The main USP about the phone is that it is water proof in nature. It will be one of the first of its kind smart phone with extra ordinary features.

Technical Specification of Sony Xperia Z:

It will be supporting 2G, 3G and LTE 4G Network.

It has Micro SIM Slot so it’s time to cut your SIM cards if you wish to buy this mobile phone.

It has Display Size of 5.0 Inch with 1080 x 1920 Resolution (True HD) having 441 ppi pixel Density for better picture clarity.

It has 3.5 Mm audio Jack with high quality sound output.

It has 2 GB DDR3 RAM for better Performance.

It is Powered by 1.5 GHz Quad core (Krait) Qualcomm Processor, it’s among the fastest mobile phone processor. So you can easily play HD Games without any kind of lag or delays.

Sony Xperia Z will be running on Android OS v 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and will support all further future upgrades substantially.

It comes with 13.1 MP HD camera which generates photos with 4128 X 3096 pixel resolution. It has autofocus and LED Flash. And main USP about the camera is that you can record 1080p (Full HD) Videos with 30fps. So in all it’s a complete multimedia phone.

review of sony xperia

Overall Review of Sony Xperia Z:

Sony Xperia Z is an outcome of complete remake of all its previous versions. Sony doesn’t follow the trend which is followed up by Apple. Apple always tries to keep the look and feel of newer version completely similar to previous one.

It has look and feel which are similar to the Bravia series which is Sony’s Television series. It seems like Sony is trying in unifying the look and feel between different products under its roof. This seems to be the latest trend into the market; everyone is trying to unify the designs of the entire product produced by them.

Display quality of Sony Xperia Z is completely adorable, it has one of the best Mobile phone screen compared to all the mobile phones present in the screen. Brightness and the pixel clarity of the screen is completely awesome. When you have a look over the screen of it you really feel good about it.

When you hold Sony Xperia Z in your hands you feel like you are holding something which is utterly modern. The complete design of Sony Xperia Z is so attractive that if once you have a look over it you will just fall in love with it.

Sony Xperia Z

The Main thing about the phone is that along with having extraordinary features the phone is waterproof. That is you can spill water over it or you can even dip the phone into glass of water the phone will still run steady.

Conclusion:Sony Xperia Z Review

When we make comparison of Sony Xperia Z with Apple iPhone 5 or with LG Nexus 4 or with Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note II we can get sure result that Sony Xperia Z is the winner. There can be no comparison of the features of this phone with any other phone in them market.

Price of Sony Xperia Z in India :

Sony has not declared the price of Sony Xperia yet, they seem to be launching the product after the end of CES 2013. But the Industry Experts Guess out that the price of Sony Xperia in USA will be all around 500-800 USD and at the same time in India it might be between Rs. 30,000  To Rs. 45,000 (INR). Seeing such the prices of the recent mobiles like LG Nexus 4, Apple iPhone 5, Samsung S3 it seems days are not far when mobile phones will be more costly than the Cars or any other thing.

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