Top 5 twitter apps for android phones

Now-a-days the number of social networking sites is increasing day by day and twitter is one among them. In the word twitter ‘tweet’ resembles to a text message, so we can say that the name itself indicates that it is useful to text or message which is only done by registered users. Almost every celebrities uses twitter to be in touch with their fans and social media. Doesn’t it sound interesting? So to use this interesting networking site many apps has been developed so that the users can access it easily without any difficulty. So here are some top 5 apps for twitter that you can have in your phones for better and easy access.Android apps for twitter

1. Falcon Pro

It is an amazing app with lots of interesting thing that you would be eager to know. To refresh the particular page you just got to do is pull it downwards and the page is refreshed. In many apps you can find difficulty while scrolling the screen but in this the scrolling is made much easier for the users. Several tweets posted by the users contains several media and other apps which in many twitter apps is difficult to preview or browse but in this app we have inline media viewer and app browser. In this we have column based navigation and multiple accounts are supported. In this we can have the lists of starred users or the saved searches done by us.  In this we also have an option to change the themes that one desires to keep (built in theme).

2. Carbon for android

It is one of the latest apps arrived in the market but has taken the market with its amazing features. To refresh the page we just got to do is tilt the timeline. Scrolling the pages have made smoother and easy for the users. In this we have in built media player say YOUTUBE player. It is easy for the users to install this app without any problems.

3. Plume

Due to its amazing look and features it is one of the most popular and demanded app among the users in recent time. It can change/improve the experience of the twitter user by its smooth scrolling and inbuilt media viewer. In this app the users get multiple accounts option by which more than one accounts can be accessed easily.

4. TweetCaster

It is beautifully presented and developed with easy to access which has attracted bulk of users towards it. It has multiple accounts access feature in it and easy to view profile option which really makes it cool for the young users as well as the others. It uses less memory space in the phone which makes it more familiar with the users.

5. HootSuite

It is a multiple social media app which means it supports not only twitter but also Facebook, WordPress and many other networking sites. With this single app you can manage your twitter account your Facebook pages. In this it is easy for the users to upload the photos, check the tweets or the notifications instantly and easily.

With the development of such interesting apps it is really a good feeling for the users of twitter which makes it more familiar and cooler.

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