Ubuntu Phone OS Officially Unveiled by Canonical

Last year Canonical had announced Ubuntu for Android but today they have changed the picture of that announcement with complete new news. They have announced a complete new OS for mobile device. Canonical unveiled the Ubuntu Phone OS officially today.

Below is the video by Canonical in which Mark Shuttle worth himself introduces to the Ubuntu Phone OS. The video is of almost 22 minutes giving the complete overview of the Ubuntu Phone OS.


Ubuntu Phone OS launch news has got completely mixed response from the Silicon valley. The Linux and Ubuntu lover who are mainly Open Source software developer are really excited to have Ubuntu into their phones at the same time there are Market analyst who are saying that there are already two dominating Smart Phone OS namely Android and iOS then what’s the need for new OS. They also said that the domination of this two OS is so high that even Windows is not able to beat them from last two years then how will Ubuntu Phone OS will manage get space in market.

Brief Overview of Ubuntu Phone OS Officially Unveiled by Canonical :

User Interface of Ubuntu Phone OS :

Ubuntu OS for Phone

After seeing the Official Video Developed by canonical representing the features of Ubuntu OS it can be clearly found that the OS has super awesome User Interface which seems to be inspired from Nokia N9. At the same time you can also find that the Ubuntu is being run on Samsung Nexus.

The Ubuntu Phone OS seems to be completely gesture driven and has support for Edge initiated swipes to run different Apps. At first the experience of the Ubuntu Phone OS seems to be exciting.

Turn your Phone into Desktop using Dock :


This is an unique kind feature present in Ubuntu Phone OS , it has support for Dock using which you can connect monitor and keyboard and turn Mobile Phone into Computer. We all know that modern days mobile phones and computers are having almost same configurations like 2.4 Ghz quad core processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, etc. So it will be quite beneficial for those who wish to unify the things into one.

Canonical has stated to offer Ubuntu Phone OS for both Low end and High end Smart phones. So it will be ease for High end Smart Phone users to convert their mobile phone into Computer using the dock.

Application environment and Development :

Ubuntu Phone OS will be coming pre-installed with certain basic apps which have quite high usage like Dialer, Web Browser,  Camera, Photo Gallery, Skype,  Facebook, etc. Canonical has also said that phone will support HTML 5 Apps side by side the basic core apps.

The main USP of the Ubuntu Apps which will attract more number of Developers towards it is that rather than OS like iOS where you need to build separate apps for Phone and Tablet with Ubuntu Phone OS you will be able to run same Apps for desktop as well as Phone. All you need to do is minor changes in the source code of the Applications.

This gives a sign of bright future for Ubuntu Phone OS app store success. There are already many apps for Ubuntu Desktop OS in the market. At moment seeing the video and the announcements made by Canonical it’s all clear that this OS will seriously going to rock the market. Canonical has said that they are probably going to launch the Nexus with Ubuntu OS in CES 2013

So what do you think? Will the Ubuntu Phone OS get success in market or it will fail out as soon as it get launched? Comment your views below.

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