Why is it suggested to use WordPress framework ?

There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins available in the cyber world. You can find out your requirement and can use it as per your requirement. You can make look and feel of your blog as per your need making use of them.

What does it mean by WordPress framework ?

Wordpress framework

There are various ways by which you can define what does it mean by WordPress framework but in standard words it can be defined as follow :

“WordPress framework is nothing but a theme designed in such way that it forms a base foundation into your WordPress blog on which you can use child themes as per the need. Moreover developing WordPress framework child theme is far easy and flexible. It also reduces burden on designer.”

Why is it suggested to use WordPress framework ?

Now, let us understand why is it suggested to use WordPress framework or what are the benefits of using WordPress framework. There are various advantages of using WordPress framework below is the list of some different benefits of WordPress frameworks :

Ease of Changing design:

The main benefit of using WordPress framework is you can change the look and feel or we can say overall design of your blog with ease using Child themes. If you have made any changes to the core you will not even loose them. Even developing child themes is very task. You can find lot many child themes already developed by the framework developers too.

Reduced use of Plugins :

WordPress when used without any framework we need to make use of lot many different types of plugins. And we all know that plugins creates heavy load on your blog and certainly can reduce its loading time. So it’s always advisable to make use of less plugins but when you are using WordPress framework almost there is no need of any plugins as it has all required functionalities inbuilt in it.

Flexible design Options:

When you are developing WordPress theme then there are certain limitations and also you can’t make out or design flexible template but the case when developing child theme of any framework is almost different. Child themes gives extended level of functionalities that is you can develop any kind of design as per your requirement with ease. You are not bound with any kind of restrictions.

Community Support:

When you are using reputed WordPress frameworks the main benefit is you get support from a community which is large in size and consist of large number of experts. So at any point if you are stuck with any problem or if you require any kind of help you can go the community and can fire your query there.

Update your themes with ease:

When you are using themes without any framework the main issue is when you are updating theme you may lose any of your edits done manually over the theme but in case of framework this issue is not there. You can update the core framework or we can say parent theme without losing any edits done to the child themes. In this way you can maintain security levels in your blog by regularly updating your WordPress framework or we can say parent theme.


What are different WordPress Frameworks available ?

There are various number of different WordPress frameworks available in market below are list of few WordPress frameworks which are highly used:

  • Genesis Theme by Studio Press
  • Thesis Theme by DIY themes
  • Thematic
  • Carrington

Still having any kind of confusion related to WordPress framework? Then fire your query in below comment box and we will surely try to solve them out.

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