10 Most Bizarre iPhone Accessories that will surprise you

iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most astounding smartphone we ever have. It is undeniably most popular smartphone over world wild. It has unbelievable features which place it at the top and made it a part from other smartphones of the world. We must grateful towards many phone accessories manufacturers. With the help of technological advancements they create variety of accessories for apple iPhone. Here we present 12 whimsical and astounding iPhone accessories designed by different companies for recent versions Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Below is the number of Apple iPhone accessories with which you can personalize your iPhone and make it looks splendid.

The Most Luxurious iPhone shell

The German lebal GnG gives Apple iPhone the most precious diamond studded golden shell . It is made up of 14grams of 18carat gold and hundreds of diamonds. Its amazing logo only takes up about 400 diamonds. Though this outlandish shell may hide Apple iPhone’s identity but you can cover it proudly with its diamond ornamented shell. Of Course, the shell cost very high it prices around 77,777 Euros (approx. $108,880).


Mirror-like peripheral that turns iPhone into an iPad

Metin Seven of Seven Heaven has presented a mirror-like peripheral that can convert an iPhone-screen into an iPad. This accessory is easy to fit in your pocket and makes your iPhone a pocketable iPad tablet.


iPhone charger that looks like Umbilical Cord

Japanese accessory maker Mio-I-Zawa has created this unique iPhone charger. Amazingly this charger gives moments of real Umbilical Code while charging. During the process it may look like a python is swallowing its pray. i.e. iPhone.


Your iPhone: Nostalgia of 80’s Mobile Phone

This innovative technique will change your advanced iPhone into 1980’s Golden Geeko’s wall street phone in just $20.


iPhone zoom lens

Convert your Apple iPhone to high-end rear camera with this 6x optical zoom lens which is made by Conice. This add-on camera lens help iPhone to boost the flexibility and accuracy of images taken by it. This new accessory is quite difficult to carry as it weighs around 4.69ounce including both case and lens, in addition to Apple iPhone wight which is 4.8. There is not any tripod support, so focusing through lens is difficult. It is priced at $15.


Docking Speaker System for iPhone

The Fabulous iPhone docking system is designed by one of the most renowned UK based accessory makers FoneJacketHacker which is also known as moniker, M Booth. They take this concept from 1940’s rotary telephone receiver. This amazing device is a speaker phone that has three speakers at different parts and it is designed in a way that the iPhone rest in the receiver cradle.


The iPhone Dock with Light and Alarm System

Philips has designed a light and alarm system for iPhone which known as Philips HF3404. This system carries an iPhone/iPod in its dock and at the other part there is a large that emits lite which gradually increase. The sound will also come in increasing manner. This accessory content four natural sounds along with iTune track or FM Radio to set alarm tune.

iPhone 4 rest in the long cradle of Gun Case

Here is one more wired gun case for Apple iPhone 4 as its name suggest. It is shaped like a revolver. Isn’t it creative?


iPhone as Bottle opener

In order to open bottles of beverages at the party this iBottle opener is indeed very helpful this case has a metal bottle opener in the rare part. The soft touch plastic case sports the stiff bottle opener on the back.


Factron Quattro iPhone 3G case

The Japanese iPhone case makers had made case for iPhone 3G Factron Quattro. It is made up of stainless steel, leather and carbon fiber. This case is enhanced with camera lances and speakers. It is quite expensive and cost around $200.

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