10 Standard DVD Players Of 2011

Standard DVD players are part of your own home theater system. You will not always find quality DVD players when go to the store and try to check out the ones on display. So before you buy whatever you see, check out these 10 standard DVD players of 2011:

 1) Toshiba SD7300

Pros: The best feature that you can avail with this player is that it only operates on six watts making it consume less electricity. It has parental control options for protection. With the presence of an SD card slot, you will be able to insert the memory card and play the media files without having to burn them on a disc.

Cons: Even with the parental control, you will not be able to block all movies with the same ratings.


2) Sony DVP-SR500H

Pros: You can upconvert the movies and not worry about what the last scene you saw beore you stopped the player. With the low power consumption rating, you can worry less about the bills. Other features include Fast-forward/Slow-mo option and Parental Control. Although a USB port and an SD card slot is not available, it is compensated by a wide variety of media options.

Cons: There is no USB port or an SD card slot.


3) Philips DVP3560/F7

Pros: One feature that you will find useful for this player is that you have the option to switch from DVD mode to USB mode and vice versa. You will also worry less about which movie to filter since the device automatically filters the movies with PG-13 ratings and higher. The absence of the SD card is compensated by the wide range of compatible media options.

Cons: Although there is a parental control, it only works if the rating is burned into the disc. It is advisable that you should check it on your own before letting the kids watch it. Don’t be fooled by the small size because its weight is on the heavier side. There are also two buttons present on the device: one for stopping and ejecting while the other one is for playing and pausing. In short, you are pretty dependent on your remote.


4) Samsung DVD-H1080

Pros: Together with the unconventional design, it also has the feature of remembering the last scene before you stopped watching. It also operates on 8 watts so you can worry less about the added energy consumption. It has a USB port so you can watch movies without burning them on the CD.

Cons: The unconventional design might be stylish this may become a problem for some who are fashion-sensitive with their things. Even if the size is smaller than the usual but it is also heavier than the usual.


5) Coby DVD298

Pros: It has the ability to upscale your outdate and your lower-resolution DVDs. With the presence of a USB port and an SD card slot, you will be able to view movies without having to burn them in a CD.

Cons: The worst thing that could happen is for you to lose the remote because if you do, the feature of the USD port and the SD card slot will be useless. It is useless because you cannot navigate them anymore. This is larger and heavier compared to the other competitors and the navigation for USB menu is a bit haphazard.


6) Panasonic DVD-S68

Pros: It has USB and SD card so you don’t have to bother burning the movies with the ability to upconvert and do progressive scanning. You can also play different multimedia options for this DVD player.

Cons: It consumes more energy because of the 12-watt power requirement. The device lacks parental controls so you need to watch out for what the youngsters will watch.


 7) Pioneer DV-220V-k

Pros: This player has the bookmark feature so that you will be able to watch the movies that you wanted. It has good upconverting ability since it can upconvert up to 1080p HD. You will also enjoy Photo+Music Mix not only with the CDs but also directly from the flash drive. The audio quality is Dolby Digital and Virtual Surround giving you a cinematic experience. It also has an equalizer so that you can mix and match the audio files that you are playing.

Cons: It has heavy consumption on electricity so you are guaranteed to have a bit of an increase in your bills. Major drawback for this product is that there is no customer support that you can talk to or do live chat with them. You can only check out the FAQs and ask assistance from tech-support through email.


8 ) Magnavox MDV3000

Pros: The player only uses 8 watts of power it is not much of a strain in your bills. It is compatible with Dolby Digital sound for cinematic experience. You also have the control for fast-forwarding and slowing the motion of the scenes.

Cons: Major drawback is that it lacks compatibility with other specialty disc types like dual-player DVDs and VCDs. Although this is thicker than other players, it is not very wide or very long.


9) Dynex DX-UPDVD2

Pros: This player is able to upconvert DVDs up to near HD quality. It has an output of optical digital audio. This means that you will hear quality audio.

Cons: Although the player can upconvert DVDs, you need to have an HDTV connection via HDMI cable. It will consume more energy and can seriously add up to your electric bills. There is no slot for a USB or for an SD card so you have to transfer the movies that you would want to see to a DVD and there is no S-video connection at the back. Finally, the 90-day warranty is quite short compared to other competitors.


10) RCA DRC300iH

Pros: It is an upscale of the standard DVD player because of its HDMI connectivity. It has an iPod dock which makes this player stand out. The dock can also charge your iPod while being connected.

Cons: The device is bulkier and heavier compared to its competitors. There is no USB or SD card slot anywhere on the device. In order for you to use the iPod dock, you must have a iPod. Lastly, it does not have parental controls so the young ones are not protected form watching unwanted movies.


Never ever sacrifice the quality of the device with the fact that that is the one you can see right away. Always try to look for those that will satisfy your budget and at the same time satisfy your entertainment needs.

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