9 MP4 Players Of 2011

Having a handy mp4 player is an advantage for those who would like to enjoy video viewing at their hands. It is convenient since it can be slipped into your pocket and takes less space in your bag. You can watch anytime anywhere as long as the file is store in the player itself. If you doubt about which mp4 player to buy, check out this top ten mp4 players:



Pros: It features a large screen so that you can see the motion picture in detail without having to strain your eyes. It has a storage space of either 120GB or 160GB which is bigger than the other player claiming to have the biggest storage space. It did beat another device in terms of battery life since it can play 103 hours for continuous music but this can only play up to 10 hours for continuous video viewing. You even have the freedom to customize your user menu. Another amazing feature for this device is the JetEffect 3.0 and BBE+ technology which enables you to restore the song to its original sound quality. Other features include a built-in FM radio, built-in speaker, built-in microphone, and an eBook reader.

Cons: Because of the large screen, the device is also bigger and a bit heavier. It has an average screen resolution of 480 x 272 when compared to other mp4 players. Although you can sync different media formats, it has a limited number of compatible audio and video formats for the player.


2) iPod Touch

Pros: Perfectly fits in your palm making you able to hold it with much ease. It has high resolution of 960 x 640 pixels matched with a large screen which is a touch screen. You can choose to have 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB for the storage space but there is no indication if it is expandable. Battery life can last for 40 hours for continuous music and seven hours for continuous video viewing. It can connect to iTunes, can download different types of applications, and can wirelessly connect to Apple HDTV. You can record and edit videos in HD and upload them on the spot. Having FaceTime makes it exciting when you would like to see and chat your loved ones. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and an eBook reader.

Cons: This has a lower-quality camera compared to other devices from Apple. It has nine different audio files compatible for this device but it only have three video file formats. Other users feel that there is a bit of a problem to sync files to this device because of the iTunes application.



Pros: This features a lightweight and thin device with a large screen for viewing. The screen is a touchscreen powered by AMOLED technology which is fairly responsive and sensitive to touch. The screen resolution of 480 x 720 gives the viewers a high quality movie experience. Storage space can be chosen from 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32 GB that are all expandable using a microSD card. This device also has the longest playback time currently available of 64 hours for audio and 11 hours for video. It has a variety of features like an eBook reader, a Bookmark function, a recorder, and setting the subtitles in to languages.

Cons: The device does not offer Wi-Fi capability and has limited compatible file formats. Although it has more compatible file formats compared to other mp4 players, this is still a drawback since there are other movie files that are not supported.


4) Zune 120

Pros: The impressive feature of this device is its large screen for viewing compare to most mp4 players. It is lightweight and can fit in your pocket. It currently holds the largest storage space of 120GB. The interface for this device is easy to navigate. Downloading using this device is exciting and easy to do. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be able to download the music that you like even if you were just listening to the built-in FM radio.

Cons: The large storage space is not compliment by the battery life. The device could store up to 375 hours for video viewing but the battery life can only last up to 4 hours for video viewing and 30 hours for music playing. Another drawback is that the file formats compatible with this device is limited only.


5) Archos 43

Pros: It has a large screen with high resolution maximizing your experience in viewing images and motion pictures which is complimented by a high-definition camcorder. It features a leg stand so that you can prop up the player while watching the movie. Even if the memory is only 16GB, it is expandable using a microSD card. It can play music for 36 hours straight or videos for 10 hours straight. However, other players seem to offer more than what this can offer. It has Wi-Fi connectivity so the player can act as your mini-computer with the basic functions and features available. It is compatible for a wide array of file formats both for video and audio files.

Cons: The memory found in this device is only 16GB which is disappointing since most HD movies have more or less 1GB size.


6) ZEN X-FI2

Pros: The device is slim and easy to carry with a 3-inch touchscreen for delightful movie viewing and easy navigation. The screen has a resolution of 400 x 420 providing excellent quality without straining your eyes. The audio is of excellent quality letting you listen to the original audio quality even if th song is already compressed. You can choose different storage space namely 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. This storage space is also expandable with the use of a microSD card. You can play continuous music for 25 hours and watch video continuously for 5 hours. The player that is built in this device features a program that protects your ears by limiting the maximum volume. The built-in speaker also helps you share the music that you hear with other people around you. You can even play the movie or show the images on a bigger screen because of the video-out option.

Cons: Although it has a built-in FM radio, most users would like to have more features than what it currently has. It only has limited compatible file formats for both video and audio files.


7) Zen Touch 2

Pros: It has exquisite audio and a large variety of features in this device. Having a 2MP camera gives you high-resolution for your pictures and films. You can upload that to the internet since the phone is internet capable. Using the player, you can view the images in thumbnails or in slideshows. Bluetooth allows for wireless connectivity for speakers and headphones. It is comparable to that of iPod Touch with an Android OS. The large screen and the high resolution contribute to an exciting movie viewing experience. It could play a wide array of audio formats.

Cons: The touch screen is not as responsive as most users would like to. It has an 8GB and a 16GB storage space but can be expandable using a microSD. This is a drawback since other mp4 players offer more than 32GB of storage space. The video formats that can be played on this device is not as many as the audio formats compatible.


8) Coby MP837

Pros: The device is user friendly featuring a haptic sense feedback wherein the keys will vibrate each time you touch buttons on the screen and a search button for you to search any files in the player. The screen measures 3 inches with a 480 x 720 resolution which gives quality to image and motion picture viewing. It can detect as to what orientation the player is in so you can view both vertically and horizontally. Audio quality is excellent with an added built-in FM radio for variety of media entertainment. It can display the lyrics and the song title of the song so that you can also sing along. It is compatible with a wide variety of movie and audio formats.


Cons: The memory available for this device is only 8GB or 16GB which is not much since most mp4 players can offer more than 32GB. Although it can play music continuously for 22 hours, it is still not enough to impress other players.


9) Sansa Fuze+

Pros: The small size makes it easier for you to carry around. Despite the small screen, it has a 320 x240 resolution playing motion picture both clear and bright which is compliment by the audio quality that is crisp and clear. You are also given the option to choose between 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB drive space which are all expandable using a microSDTM card. Battery life can last up to 24 hrs for continuous of playing music. Even with the problems of the touchscreen, most users find that it is easy to navigate since it is easy to understand.

Cons: The small size makes it have a small screen measuring only 2.4 inches. You can only view the videos horizontally. Although it plays movies for five hrs straight, it may not be enough if you are traveling and do not have the freedom to recharge along the way. Common complaint about this device is that the touchscreen is responsive and at times not responsive.


If you want quality players at the tips of your hands, you got to choose any of these mp4 players. You will get what you paid for plus extra features. You will not regret that you decided to buy any of these players. Experience it to believe.


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