A Concept Digital Camera: Apple Quicktake

A concept digital camera – Apple Quicktake by designer Joseph Dumary. It is equipped with a microphone that allows you to record sound quality by eliminating unwanted noise. Photos can be taken with a resolution of 32 megapixels, and video 1080P uncompressed. Lens “Eyefocus+” is rotated by a few millimeters to the left and right, as the human eye, and can create the perfect alignment of the image.

There are a variety of shooting modes: slow-motion, 3D-panorama, HDR, burst mode at 60 frames per second, image stabilization, smile detection and tracking of the eyes. Due to the wide screen can be rotated by 360°, it can be used to do portraits. The Camera has a touch-sensitive screen and it is easy to use. It also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, AirPlay, Photobooth, editing modes, autofocus (AF), HD speakers and automatic downloading on YouTube and Flickr.

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