Why Cordless Phones Are Still Important in the Home

Due to the rise in popularity of smartphones and the cheap provider plans that come with them, several consumers no longer use their landline. However, there’s still much be said for keeping hold of your home phone or buying a brand new one.

What’s more, cordless phones have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. You may be surprised to hear that they can rival the latest and greatest mobile devices in terms of features and capabilities. All the while, wireless handsets provide a great deal of freedom around the house too.


Sound quality

Despite the fact that smartphones can perform any number of tasks and duties, sound quality is often forgotten about. When you take into account the patchy reception you get in certain areas, nothing comes close to the clarity of a landline.

Another thing to consider is the frequency band of mobile devices and other household items. Most cordless phones run on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology, which doesn’t interfere with things like microwave ovens.

Ease of use

Younger generations that have grown up with smartphones know how to use these devices almost instantaneously. However, older folk often find it more difficult getting to grips with touchscreens and mobile operating systems.

But cordless phones remain remarkably easy to use and operate. The large buttons and speed dialing function make it easy to get in touch with loved ones. The big screens, which can display several lines of text, are effortless to scroll through too.

On top of that, several models come with integrated answering machines. These are simpler and more straightforward to play back than smartphone voicemails. Remote access enables you to listen to messages away from home as well.

Range of features

Although any home cellular device would have a tough time of it rivaling smartphones in terms of functionality, the best cordless phones still pack a range of impressive features. Some of these are more effective and practical compared to modern mobile alternatives.

Strong and sturdy
— Even with their aesthetically pleasing designs, smartphones tend to be quite fragile and easily broken. Cordless phones, however, are much more robust, making them perfect for those who require long-term durability.

Call barringNuisance sales calls are an aspect of life we struggle to avoid. That’s much less so with cordless phones, which give you the opportunity to prevent incoming calls from certain numbers. Anonymous call silencing and time control can make your home more peaceful as and when you require too.

Call transfer – If you have multiple phones in your home or at the office, transferring a call from one to another can be done at the touch of a button.

When you take these boons and benefits into account, it makes perfect sense to keep hold of or buy a new cordless phone.

Image by mattbuck4950, used under Creative Commons license.

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