Five Apps and Games to Recreate the FIFA World Cup 2014 Action

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in less than a week from now. With 32 of the world’s best teams striving for the title of World Champions, and up to 4 matches being played per day, there is bound to be loads of action for the whole world. takes a look at the some beautifully designed smartphone FIFA Apps and Games that will make sure you never miss an exciting moment and stay updated with all the action from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. If you’re looking for the best World Cup apps and games, these are our top five picks providing users a fast, sleek, and easy-to-use interface that will help you stay updated with the scores, facts and analysis, and allow you to follow the action while on the move, at work, or from the comfort of your home which you can download as your wait for the action in Brazil to begin.

1) theScore


theScore app is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry10 devices worldwide in English. This app offers lots of great features like getting real-time scores, news and alerts from the 2014 World Cup and one of impressive thing that will attract the soccer fans is Shot Tracker feature, which will let you see exactly how a goal was scored. theScore app is your home for World Cup 2014, NBA, NHL, MLB, and all major sports! Users can also monitor the World Cup League and customize the notifications they receive, including goals, red cards, half-time scores and match start and end times. Also theScore has recently joined with WhatsApp, making social sharing easier.

Download theScore for iPhone here.

Download theScore for Android here.

 2) FIFA Official App  


The stunningly designed “FIFA Official App” provides users a quick, smooth, and easy-to-use interface. FIFA News brings you closer to the world of football than ever before. The app comes with a keen FIFA World Cup section, which involves a countdown and match schedules, including information on qualifiers and group tables. The FIFA Official App is free Apple and Android devices and is fabricated to fulfill all your FIFA World Cup-related information needs with to-the-point information and a systematized interface. Definitely a must-have for soccer fans all over the world.

FIFA Official App for iPhone

FIFA Official App for Android

 3) Hopeless: Football Cup


Hopeless: Football Cup is the recent in the “Hopeless” chains of games that includes Hopeless: The Dark Cave and Hopeless: Space Shooting. If you’re looking for a more spontaneous soccer game to play on your smartphone, this Hopeless game is worth checking out. These games are incredibly difficult to put down once you start playing. Hopeless series of games are enormously pretty and original fast-paced shooter that will put your reflexes, decision-making skills and instincts to survive to the test.

Download Hopeless: Football Cup for Android here.

 4) ProGol Guess World Cup Results


ProGol is a game in which you will be able to generate your own play-offs and compete against friends to find out who is the finest predicting each match result! The procedures are very straightforward. Predict the winning team, score one point. Get the final score right, and score three extra points. It’s a great way to boost an element of drama to a World Cup match that you aren’t all that invested in.

Download ProGol Guess World Cup Results for Android here.

 5) Onefootball Brasil – World Cup

football app

Onefootball Brasil – World Cup is a stylish app that offers live chat and up to date match commentary in its Live Ticker. This app will keeps you updated with latest news before and during the tournament and you will never miss a game with World Cup planner of this app. You can also enjoy Videos from press conferences and interviews along with pre-match and post-match coverage. If you like football news and if you are addicted to football game, this World Cup app is a must-have.

Download Onefootball Brasil – World Cup for Android here.

Download Onefootball Brasil – World Cup for iPhone here.

That was the list of Top 5 Best World Cup Apps & Mobile Games by Stay Connected with this apps and games and keep yourself entertaining with FIFA 2014 World Cup.

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