Foldable NFC-keyboard One2Touch Softpad C1

I’m sure many miss the days when smart phones have had the keyboard, which was so convenient to type SMS without looking at the screen – it automatically placed his fingers on the right keys. Unfortunately, modern touch devices is almost impossible, unless, of course, do not use an external keyboard, for example such as One2Touch Softpad C1.

Foldable NFC-keyboard One2Touch Softpad C1

Foldable NFC-keyboard One2Touch Softpad C1

This device has been designed for those who need to type a lot of text information on mobile devices. One2Touch Softpad C1 comes with sufficiently large keys that provide easy dialing and foldable design makes it easy to move the keyboard.

To connect to a mobile device keyboard uses NFC, which reduces power consumption.

It is expected that the sales One2Touch Softpad C1 will start in the near future, but the price of the keyboard is not reported.

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