Google released an update to Google Maps for Android


Company Google released an new update to Google Maps for Android based devices, which is equipped with additional features of navigation and many innovations. Search, for example, hotel, now just takes much less time, because the update contains an incomparably greater number of links, including sponsorship, with a detailed description of the living conditions, the prices and the possibility of booking rooms.

There was also a new design of the application, in particular, there was a help menu for the user in the user side of the window.


Here’s a short list of changes:

  • Fast access to navigation, traffic routes and Review
  • Improved search of hotels with prices and links to online resources found hotels
  • The Explore, locating the hotel located near shops, restaurants and similar establishments
  • Hints and tips for the user Sidebar
  • Fixed bugs of previous versions of Google Maps

The update can be downloaded directly to the store Google Play. To update the Google Maps just run Google Play Store, click the “Menu” and go to “My Apps”. The system automatically detects the version already installed application, and at your request will update to the latest version.

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