How to change default Fonts on an Android

The Android OS is widely used all over the world and is highly popular. Android devices come along with lots of customization options. In almost all the cases, default font on your android phone or tablet exists. It looks pleasant and is usually about the right size and style for comforts. But there would be android users who would prefer some other typeface, which would stand out from the crowd. And there will always be that small group of people who tinker with their android device’s fonts just for the sheer pleasure of being able to.

The ability to change android device’s system font is not a built-in feature in android. This means the device running on stock Android (Google’s Nexus line and Google Play Edition phones) do not have an easy setting option for changing the system fonts. Android phones have a customizable operating system. It is not always easy to change fonts. In many cases customizing fonts require a technical knowledge. Continue reading this article to learn more about different methods of changing Android font.

Method 1: For Samsung Users
Stock android usually does not have built-in methods for changing fonts, depending upon the flavor of Android installed by default, you may have feature available. For older version of Samsung device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: You need to open the settings of your Samsung device from the main menu.
Step 2: Click on the device.
Step 3: Tap on fonts.
Step 4: Tap on the font style. Now you can select the desired font available on your device by default.
The latest version of Samsung phone users that come with Android 4.3 or later can modify the font by using the following process:
Step 1: Open your settings option.
Step 2: Tap on my device.
Step 3: Select Display option.

image 1
Step 4: Tap on the font style. Now you can select the desired font available on your device by default.

image 2

You can pick one of the fonts that Samsung has preloaded in your device, or you can find a new font by tapping get fonts online.
To install a font package on your device, just tap on its icon after you download it, and it will automatically be incorporated into your device’s font list.

Method 2: GO Launcher EX
If you have a device that is running on stock Android that is a device with skin that does not have the ability to change system fonts then you may go for custom launcher. Some of the custom launchers integrate themes while some of them you will need to install themes. It changes the look of your home screen and app drawer.

Once the popular custom launcher that you can go for is GO Launcher EX. You need to download and install GO launcher EX from Google Play Store.

image 3

The shortcoming of this font customization is that it doesn’t change the font in your apps and android system menus. Font changes can be applied to the selected area of the custom launcher UI, but not to entire systems. To change the fonts in GO Launcher EX we need to follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to copy TTF font files to sdcard/GO Launcher EX/fonts directory.
Step 2: Now open GO Launcher EX.
Step 3: On main home screen, tap main menu button (shown by 3 dots) or swipe the screen upwards.
Step 4: Now you need to tap on the preference button to bring up the GO Launcher setting page.
Step 5: Tap on visual settings.
Step 6: Then we have to swipe the font tab on the left.
Step 7: Tap on scan font as a result of which your app scans your directories for font files.
This may take a moment, depending on how many font packages available on your device. If everything goes well, the app should be able to find the fonts that you have copied to the sdcard/GOLauncherEX/fontsdirectory.


image 4

Step 8: Tap select font and you can select the font of your choice for your system.
Changes will be applied immediately. If you want more fonts you can download and install GO Launcher Fonts.

Method 3: Using iFont app
One of the popular apps that is iFont can also be used for changing fonts. Although mainly for Samsung device for both rooted and non-rooted, this app can also work for certain rooted non-Samsung device.

For non-rooted Samsung device, go through the following procedure to use fonts on the list:

Step 1: You need to enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources. This option is found from settings and then select security.
Step 2: Launch iFonts and go to online tab.

Image 5

Step 3: Tap set button or you can go to Setting then go to Display and select the font style.

Image 6
Step 4: Tap on the font name that you want to install.
Step 5: Now tap on the download button.
Step 6: Tap on new font to select the font for your device.

Image 7

Font will be applied immediately and no reboot is needed.

Changing fonts is not a task that people perform everyday on their devices. But for those who do not change their fonts on their devices, it is gratifying to know that it is possible to change and with different ways.

What fonts have been displayed on your device today? Have you ever changed it before? How did you change it? Did you use any of the above given methods? Do let us know in comments!


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