Infographic: How Video Games Are Changing Education

Here is an interesting infographic on role play of video games in educating children. Here they clearly pin point on the advantages of playing games. It shows how video games develop different skills in children. Technology has introduced many games on different subjects like literacy games, science games, geography games, logic games, history games etc. This infographic is a torch barrier towards the facts and statistics about the positive and negative aspects of playing games in the classroom. The statistic also shows how much people spent on video games and how it helps in improving educational skills. Many schools use video games in order to teach different topics as learning the fundamentals, role-playing history, designing & developing and social interaction.

The most crucial and important things which one can develop through these games are creativity, teamwork, independent learning, multitasking etc. These are the basic skills which one should acquire for batter living.

Most Popular Educational Games as per Infographic
Oregon Trail
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Sim City’s
Math Blaster
Carmen Sandiego’s


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