Logitech introduced the M560 mouse for Windows 8

The company Logitech has introduced a new wireless mouse M560 , which is designed specifically for Windows 8. The new mouse has a separate button for menu of Windows 8, which is located just below the scroll wheel. When the button is enabled, it allows you to work one-touch application with a bar, a work desk, a home-screen and so on.
m560 - mouse for windows 8

If you work with Windows 8, the M560, most likely you will like it. However, users of other operating systems may find it quite comfortable. In addition to the selected button in the mouse, there are other interesting features. You can work with it in both the left and right hands. The housing design has deep contours of the mouse with soft rubber inserts for a more comfortable work. Especially easy to appreciate the people who are constantly working on a computer – and a full-size mouse is just like a glove in his hand.

logitech mouse for windows 8 - m560

Logitech M560 mouse also has built in two additional mouse buttons under your thumb, with which you can switch between the traditional Windows desktop and the new interface of Windows 8. These buttons can be changed at the user’s preference.

Of course, this mouse is more suitable for Windows 8. Logitech M560 cost is $40*. you can select one from black and light gray case.

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