Sony Unveils Play Station 4 with Standard PC Architecture

sony ps4

Sony, earlier in January had invited Geeks of New York for a Special Event. The event had held on February 20 (i.e Yesterday). It was expected that Sony is probably going to launch Play Station 4 in this event. And expectation came true with little change. That is Sony had officially Announced that they are Going to Launch Sony Play Station 4 in 2013 instead of directly launching it.

Sony had spoken about different features of the device in the event but didn’t reveal the gadget and also didn’t spoke about availability and price of Sony Play Station 4. Company officials said that Sony Play Station 4 will be one of the best and most powerful Gaming device in the Market.

Sony’s official who is working over Play Station 4 Mark Cerny spoke about different aspects of it. He said that now Gaming device are not just Gaming device they need to create a comfortable gaming Eco system. It should have ability to connect and communicate with previously existing Gadgets like smart phones and tablets. He also spoke about Sony Play Station 4 architecture.

Technical Specification and Features of Sony Play Station 4 :Sony Play Station 4

Play Station 4 runs on standard PC architecture almost similar to Windows System.

PS 4 will be having x86 Processor which is more common with Windows System. Sony said that, they have customized x86 in such a way that it supports High end gaming control and GDDR5 8 GB RAM Memory for better performance.

Processor has 8 Core’s and GPU is unified with it as a result of it 170GBPS bandwidth is available.

PS 4 will be having Blu-ray / DVD disk reader inbuilt for playing HD games with heavy size.

Also PS 4 comes with USB ports and Bluetooth so that you can communicate with different kinds of pre-existing gadgets.

PS 4 has support for HDMI, analog AV and Digital output (optical) so you can connect your LCD or LED displays with ease.

PS 4 comes with Dual Shock 4 controller for playing games. This controller will surely by loved by the gamers a lot and lot.

If Gamers wish to mute the sound via their display’s and just wish to listen the sound via Headphones it will possible as PS 4 comes with 3.5 mm head phone jack.

Camera System of PS 4 has light bar mates which makes the device to track the depth that is distance between the device and the user.

PS 4 will be able to generate output in following formats 1280 x 800 video at 60fps, 640 x 400 at 120fps and 320 x 192 at 240fps. So this will make the device able to get connected with various different kinds of displays available in the market.

It has ability to download games and digital content in background too.That is download can run while games are being played on the gadget.

Various different Games which can be played on Play Station 4 announced in the event.

Price and availability of Play Station 4:

Sony hasn’t made any official statement about the availability and price of Sony Play Station 4 but according to rumors it’s all believed that the device will surely be available all around 3rd quarter of this year and all around price of 400-450 USD.

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