Top 5 Media Players for Android Device

Playback for video formats is supported with the help of media players which encode the format and helps in playing video, audio in our smart phones. Media players increase the utility of any Android smartphones and tablets. As android phone is just not a phone for us, it has become our home theater, media playback is one of the most important features in our Android phone. It’s difficult to choose among numerous media players available. Compilation of best five have been presented below to simplify your choice.

Win Amp for Android


This app helps in synchronization of your data from PC. This app when downloaded automatically scans your system and adds all the media files to its database. Win amp app provides access to number of radio stations available on network. This app has a nice interface which makes it simpler for the users.

Mix-Zing media player for Android


Mix-zing media player doesn’t support just media playback but it also display lyrics for the songs. This app helps in discovering new music on spot recommendations. Another important feature provided is genre and video browsing. Also folder browsing is available which helps in storing your music by folders.

QQ player for Android Device


QQ Player is one of the best media players available in Android smartphones. This app provides the functionality for playing online games, voice calls, messaging and many more. This app helps you to play any kind of data without any conversion. One best part of this is its multi language functionality; use it in language you want.

VLC player for Android Beta


This app provides much guarantee to play all the file formats either be it on your phone or streamed over the network. It also plays many files which are damaged or incomplete. VLC player beta helps in previewing files which are being downloaded. With this app you need not convert your files to some other format which your phone does not support.

Real Player For Android 


This is easiest way to discover and play online audio videos on your smart phones. Real Player provides number of features like audio, video, images all in one. This app supports the media control keys in accessories as well, that is you can use this app when your phone is locked. Another feature provided by it is continuous plays and shuffle play. This app is available in Google play store for free.

*You can download all above media-player for android from Google Playstore.

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