Broaden the scope of learning of your kids with top iOS apps for kids

Apple has really embarked on the mission to help out  kids in learning by using different Apple certified products. Apple has really grabbed the attention of the users by launching some excellent educational iOS applications for kids. These apps are extremely helpful and effective and they can help kids and small children in learning with fun. iOS apps and games for kids can make them enjoy and learn in a quick, easy and effective manner but these apps are not surely the substitute for real life interaction and games. Kids can easily learn math, words and have a lot of fun with the help of these advanced and effective learning iOS apps by Apple but from the social point of view, kids require proper interaction with other kids in order to develop their social skills. This can prove out to be extremely helpful to them in their future times also. Well, below listed are some of the best educational iOS applications for kids.

First Words Animals

This iOS app can help kids in learning words in a quick and easy manner. This amazing application for kids by Apple allows them to see as well as hear different letters and animals and this results to a better learning strategy. Though the drawings that are included in this iOS app are funny, their sound is also of superior quality and kids can really have a lot of fun with this learning app.

Handy Manny workshop on iPad

This learning app for kids consists of songs, puzzles, learning pages and other necessary cool stuff. Kids can have a lot of fun with the help of this amazing learning app for iPad. This iOS app also teaches kids and makes them learn about the looks and appearance of various everyday objects. It also teaches them about the uses of various tools. This iOS app is comprised of various music and characters and it is very much effective in keeping the little ones happy for long hours.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This iOS learning app for kids consists of an array of tools which actually helps them in learning different letters, shapes, items and lots more with the help of an animated and well designed monkey. This monkey actually helps the kids all along the way. Since this iOS app is designed for kids and small children, it consists of a very simple menu and the games also flow into each other easily. It means that the kids will not even realize that when one game has finished and the other game has started. This iOS app is really one of the best and the most effective learning aids for kids and small children.

The Amazing Spider Man: An Origin Story 

We all know Spider man as the superhero who has been an inspiration of kids with his superpowers. Now, this superhero is available on iPads in funny, interactive and animated comic book. Now, kids can easily listen to the narrated story of this superhero or read it by themselves with the help of this amazing app. The interactive games and the amazing artwork that is comprised within this app make it one of the best iOS educational applications for kids on the present iTunes market.

Kid Art for iPad

Painting is not so much fun and easy for small kids but this iOS learning app can help your kid to learn about various painting skills in the best possible manner. Now, the kids can imagine and create whatever they like with the help of this learning app for iPad. Kids can also use different painting tools and create their masterpieces or animal stamps in order to create more complex scenes.


Kids love to draw and they generally pick up their crayons for personalizing their books or walls with their imagination. This amazing learning app on iPad enables kids to draw whatever they wish to and create fun animated stories on their iPad.

Toy Story 2 Read Along

Toy story is one of the favorite kid’s movies and now, you can allow your kids to enjoy this movie on their iPads in the form of games and coloring pages. Toy Story 2 Read Along is an excellent app for kids and it allows them to play with as well as learn about the stories of some biggest toys.

So, these are some of the best and the most interactive iOS apps that can help your kids to improve as well as broaden their scope of learning in a funny, entertaining and effective manner.

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