Windows Phone 8 will be able to work with a large smartphone

windows phone 8 update 3

The company Microsoft has announced that the third update of the operating system, Windows Phone 8 will begin to develop in the coming months, in consequence of which will support phones with large displays and high-resolution screen.

Among other things, Windows Phone now successfully supports devices with screen resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p), as updated start screen. Now it has more room for tiles (Live Tiles), and, according to Microsoft, are now supported by the device with a 5 – and 6-inch touchscreen.

Update adds support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 – quad-core processor, which is currently one of the most powerful chips in the market.

In other words, we are finally able to see the device on the Windows Phone, with the same high performance as that of the high-end Android-driven devices.

Less important updates:

  • Driving Mode – mode, limiting notifications while you’re driving.
  • The new software, including software for visually impaired users use screen.
  • Rapid distribution of the Internet to other devices on the Windows 8.1 using Bluetooth.
  • Support for custom notification sounds.
  • Rotate lock the rotation of the device.
  • Closing applications from App Switcher.
  • Using WiFi when setting up the phone, eliminating the need to use the mobile Internet to complete the configuration.

The first devices with Windows Phone Update 3 must appear within a few weeks, while existing devices should get it as a free upgrade in the near future.

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