World’s 1st Eyeball Tattoo


Pauly Unstoppable from Canada has got the world’s 1st eye tattoo. The process involves forty insertions of a needle to turn a body-art fan’s eye blue. Pauly said that “The procedure was extensively researched and done by people who were aware of the risks & possible complications and that it should not be casually attempted.”





13 thoughts on “World’s 1st Eyeball Tattoo”

  1. check the nails on the 3rd picture,too dirty for some profesional tattoo maker or whatever.but anyway it look cool

  2. What an idiot, notice the nice clean finger nails on that piece of work. I wouldn’t let him wipe my dogs *ss.

  3. How drunk did he have to be to get talked into that…?
    Wonder how much the guy performing won from the bet with his buds to see if he could get someone to do this.

    \"Hey Dude…
    First, I\’m going to put some blue dye in this syringe.
    Then, I\’m going to stick the needle into your eyeball\"…

  4. Um those are prob his own hands holding his own eyelid open not the person using the seringe, otherwise he would prob have the gloves on still

  5. yeah, deffinatley shannon. but pauly is either getting it done, or has it done from what i understand.

    thats jsut not him. hell i noticed right off the bat it wasnt pauly, shannons face doesnt have NEARLY as many mods as pauly

  6. The eye has incredible healing powers, the membrane is also thick enough to accomadate ink. Shannon also contacted an optometrist about this and got the green flag as long as everything was sterile and he would come in for an examination. There are now a number of people on the BME and MODBLOG community with tattoed eyeballs.

  7. This could be quite practical!
    I’ve got scarring on my eye – the normally blue part has become white due to injury. It doesn’t look good.
    It would be great to get it ‘fixed’ by tattooing the scarred part blue again.

  8. You are talking about your iris and they can’t tattoo over that or you couldn’t see correctly Jason.

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