Nuno Teixeira’s iMac concept


This is an iView concept designed by Nuno Teixeira, a redesigned iMac with his imagination ~ a touch screen, integrated 3G connectivity, pop-out remote control, integrated LCD projector. It features a big curved screen & a second built in LCD screen on the back. Nuno also include 2 webcams, one for front and the other for back.

Designer Nuno Teixeira believes every computer should be 2 faced & with more curves.







  1. josh says:

    that looks insanely good, i want one 🙂
    not really sure on the use of the screen on the back since my monitor’s backside faces the wall =)

  2. AJ says:

    nice design but 2 screens n 2 webcames ? does that mean 2 mouses n 2 keyboards…?

  3. That’d be “mice”, not “mouses”, dingbat.

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