10 Most Advanced Submarines

We all know that the submarines are part of the Navy of any country that has access to the sea / ocean. But now an increasingly popular trend is the development of models of personal submarines that can carry 1-2 people. Of course, the cost of such a vehicle may not be low. In this review we present the five most successful models.

1. Hyper-Sub.
The cost of this undersea motorboat is 3,5 million dollars. This ship was designed by Marion HSPD, and will soon be sent to the production assembly.
The boat is a heavy duty cruiser with a closed cabin length of 31 feet. Equipped with a double diesel engine of 440 horsepower with a total capacity of 880 HP, Hyper-Sub can develop a maximum speed on the surface at 40 knots and cover maximum distance of 500 miles. In immersion Hyper-Sub can sink to a depth of 250 feet with the possibility of autonomous diving apparatus.

2. Yellow Submarine.
That submarine can accommodate only two people. It can dive to 1000 feet under water, and life support systems is sufficient for 6 hours. It also has a battery life of 120 and 24 volts, the two main motor 3 hp, two vertical engine 3 hp, 4 external halogen lamp, high frequency radio communications, GPS, as well as climate control.
Its cost is 2 million dollars.

3. Compact semi-submersible boat EGO.
Technically, this is not a submarine. But this does not mean that the semi-submersible boat EGO can not be submerged. In fact, its cabin is always under water, and the upper part – on the surface.
Transparent cockpit allows you to see the amazing marine life, ideal for those who want to see the fish close and not get wet. The best advantage of the EGO is that it is environmentally friendly thanks to its motor. From 6-10 hours the charge can make a 4-hour cruise. Compact semi-submersible boat EGO manufactured by RAONHAJE and the official site price of this boat is not specified.

4. Seabreacher X.
Seabreacher X is an incredible submarine in the shape of a shark which boasts a “supercharged engine to 260 hp, thanks to which the ship speeds up to 50 miles per hour on the surface and up to 25 miles per hour under water.”
Seabreacher X has a high speed dive, as well as high-speed surfacing from the water. An entirely new thrust vector system mimics the actual movement of sea creatures such as sharks and dolphins. Exhaust system with customizable simulates a growl when driving on the surface.

5. Deep Flight Super Falcon.
The latest creation of marine engineer Graham Hawkes Deep Flight Super Falcon is a winged submarine on battery for 1,5 million dollars, which looks like an airplane, except that it “flies” underwater.
It established a single engine, molded back, which is more like an electric fan, and lithium – phosphate battery of 48 volts, which provides meals. Its body is made up of carbon-epoxy mixture, allowing two passengers to sit in the cockpit, bow and stern, watching the water environment through the thick canopies of plexiglass.
According to Hawkes, the ship “flies like a jet aircraft with electric motors that control the roll, pitch and deviation from the direction of the course. The vessel can dive at 200 feet per minute, and emerges two times faster than this speed. The duration of such “safety” is 5 hours. Aquatic biology department chairman John McCosker of the California Academy of Sciences said that the fast submarine for the first time will allow him and his colleagues to follow the “whales and dolphins and even sharks, and may be behind the mysterious giant octopus.

6. Scubster.
Scubster is a personal submarine, which is made of carbon fiber. The vessel, which was developed by Stephen Rawson to participate in the International Race of submarines, a top speed of up to 6 miles per hour, and plunges to a depth of 20 feet.

7. The submarine made of pig trough.
14-year-old from Switzerland, and the marine enthusiast Aaron Cryer spent 4 years to build his own submarine parts of the pig trough.

8. Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible.
Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible is a private submarine with the possibility of launching a boat. It has a military structure of the bullet-proof iron, so if you find yourself in the situation where you will shoot, you will surely be security. In a submarine there is a mini-bar and stereo system! The cost of such luxuries is 2,7 million dollars.

9. Trilobis 65.
Italian naval designer Jean Carlo Terr wanted to design a house that would be a half boat and half a submarine. It seems that his dream came true called – Trilobis 65. At first glance, this house looks like a computer image of flying saucers from science fiction movies 1950. Drawings Trilobis are a maritime heritage, while embracing technology of the 21 st century, which include high-strength composite materials and environmentally friendly fuels from hydrogen.

10. RC Steampunk Nautilus Submarine.
Founded by Bob Martin, the submarine with a remote control, a copy of the submarine from the cartoon “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea». A submarine with a remote control in length, 66 5 inches is a copy of Disney’s boat with a scale of 1 to 32. Steampunk submarine was built with careful observance of the smallest details in the design and function. It has a waterproof cylinder, ballast tank, automatic transmission and all supported with power from lithium-ion battery.

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