Aston Martin One-77

The above is the Aston Martin One-77 which is going to cost you £1 million (that’s about $1.9 mil) to get one. It is UK automaker’s latest flagship model; featuring the 7.0-liter V12 engine, a carbon fiber chassis and a handcrafted aluminum body. The One-77 boosts from 0 to 60 at 3.5-seconds and capable of achieving 200 mph; with stunning design to create possibly the world’s most desirable automotive art form.


It’s a very special car for customers who want to take the bespoke experience to a higher level,” company chairman David Richard told Autocar. “Every car will be entirely individual.”


As for Aston Martin’s decision to build just 77, it’s said to have stemmed from Bez’s belief that seven is a lucky number. It certainly is for those fortunate enough to get one.

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