8 Best Notepad Apps for Android Phones

Nowadays working professionals, a student, house wives or any person needs to maintain a dairy or notebook to keep up with the busy schedule and to make some random long lists or even to remember those special days. So a simple notepad app on your Android smartphone can save your lot of time in all those situations and in your busy life.  However, the problem is the Google Play store has tons of those note taking apps and each of them has its own pros and cons.

Choosing the right android notepad apps out of tons is definitely a clumsy job, isn’t it So to make your task easy AllTechnoBlog.com have chosen and tested the best notepad apps for Android. Let’s us have a quick look at those apps.



Evernote is absolutely the king of note taking apps. It has everything for every user you need for note taking – picture capture, voice reminders, to-do lists, search, and much more features. One of the superb things of Evernote is its ability to sync with all of your devices and make all of your notes easily searchable. . Along with making notes, to-do lists and task lists, the tool can be used to email the notes or even save tweets to the Evernote account. Evernote’s free service offers 60MB per month, more than most of us will need, while their premium plan offers 16GB and many other features for $45 a year. It has the huge number of downloads and is voted as one of the must-have Android app by New York Times, making it the most well-liked note-taking application.

Download Evernote

ColorNote Notepad Notes


The ColorNote is a simple tool that lets you edit notes, shopping lists, memos, emails, messages and more. Organizing these notes should not be a problem, as you can choose different color options for them. Some other features include sticky notes widget, checklist, password protection and much more. You can also organize your schedule through the calendar and set reminders on the status bars. The ‘Master Password’ option beneath the settings gives you the benefit to secure your notes by a password. The application can automatically (or manually) backup all your notes on the SD card, or you can save it to the cloud by signing in with Facebook, Google, or any other email. It surely does what it is expected of a notepad and best of all, you don’t have to spend a penny to own it.

ColorNote Notepad Notes



Flava is a really fabulous looking notepad app. The interface is very fascinating. You can add images, videos, voice notes, location, website URLs and much more to your notes. You can sort your notes as per your wish by adding weather condition, mood, and themes (which looks like icons or smiles) to your notes. Flava offers home screen widgets too, which looks wonderful on the home screen. Flava offers password lock to protect your notes from random users. The only disadvantage of Flava is you can’t make checklists.

Download Flava – Note/Journal

Google Keep


If you want a simple app for taking notes and making to-do lists on-the-go, Keep is your best choice. Google Keep is a feature rich notepad app that is very simple and easy to use. With this app you can make text notes, checklists, voice notes and picture notes. You can also set reminders which will be visible through ‘Google Now’. Keep will transcribe voice notes into text, which is a pretty nice feature. All of your notes get synchronized routinely to Gmail (if you turn on the sync).

Download Google Keep



Another astonishing note-taking app is Mobisle Notes-Notepad by Mobisle Apps. This app also appears to be a very simple, back to basic note pad, enabling you to write down notes, ideas, schedules and to-do lists in a blink. You can organize your notes by making folders and you can also setup secure passwords. Mobisle Notes-Notepad also has a global search box if you are having problem searching through your huge collection of notes. You can also share your notes with your colleagues online via a URL. This app even has automatic sync features which is great for shared notes. It also has the extra feature of converting numbers into clickable links for dial or save options. The application is free but you can unlock more features by paying a yearly subscription fee ($9.99YEAR) which is available through an in app purchase. The app however is more than worth it. The developers are also offering premium features up to 6 months period if you can invite your friends and family members.

Download MobisleNotes

Note Everything


Created by developer SoftXPerience, Note Everything is best for everyday use, it does everything from creating text and voice notes to drawing with your finger and making to-do lists. It reliably saves your files, fast, without any questions, and opens a file right away. The great thing about Note Everything is you could share your notes with the Dropbox application so you have a copy of your notes anywhere you go. However, it doesn’t offer all this to free users. Free users can just only make text notes, voice notes, and sketch notes. The paid users can create checklists, gallery notes, photo notes and much more. The password lock is also made available for the paid users. Paid user has to pay $3.99 for one time.

Download Note Everything

Secure Notes+


Secure Notes+ isn’t very feature rich and is exactly opposite of ‘Papyrus’. It has Easy to use and simple UI and it only allows plain text notes. It’s particularly made for users who prioritize security over anything else. On opening the application, it asks you to enter a password of your choice. On every time opening the application, it will ask you for the same password.

Download Secure Notes+



Springpad is an attractive notepad apps for android. It offers all the mutual features that a note taking application needs. It has a very unique feature that no other note taking application provides. If you save a restaurant name than it will manually give you a map and reviews of that restaurant. If you save a movie name, it will give you the show times along with the name of theaters and city. You can also add recipes, web URLs, product names and Springpad will manually add additional information from the web. You can clip an article, snap a photo, record a voice memo or save a nearby place through the Springpad. Springpad’s main selling point is its features aimed at collecting contact from the web and aggregating and attaching it into your personal notes.

Download Springpad

So these were the Top Android notepad apps that will highly simplify your day to day tasks. Do let us know which of these you liked the most, once you are done using these apps.

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