How to Remove Jailbreak From iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you need to take your iOS device into an Apple Store for service, or you have jailbroken your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and installed a lot of tweaks and now find it unstable then with few step you can unjailbreak your iOSdevice. Here is easy guide for jailbroken iOS device users who want to unjailbreaking their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

How to remove jailbreak from iphone

How to Unjailbreak iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch
Step – 1 : Fire up iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Step – 2 : Now connect your iOS device iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with computer via USB cable.

Step – 3 : Now it will start automatic backup, you can cancel it with the on-screen slider or let it complete.

Step – 4 : Now you have to click on your iOS device in the left column of iTunes on your PC or Mac screen.

Step – 5 : There you See “Restore” click on it and then select “Backup” if you have canceled it in the step – 3. and If you didn’t cancel it, then select “Don’t Back Up”.

Step – 6 : Now jailbreak will be removed from your device and it will be restored back to factory settings.

Step – 7 : After complete above 6 steps, select the backup you have created and iTunes will re-install all your apps and settings. now your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be venturing to the dark side.

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