iHome iH85B Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod

The Chinese and the Dutch must be really over the moon about this one, considering they are the ones who pedal bikes more than anyone else in the world.

Their biking experience got a bit musical thanks to the iH85B waterproof and impact-resistant speaker unit that clamps to the bike frame. The handlebar-mounted remote control allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes. The tough water and impact-resistant polycarbonate case houses the iPod deftly and the Reson8 technology with passive speaker provides full, rich sound. It even charges your iPod when connected to the included AC adaptor and works with docking iPod models.

Listen to your iPod at home or while biking anywhere via the iH85B, iHome’s bike speakers, they cost $99.

[Source: gizmodo]

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