James Cameron Ordered 50 RED EPIC-M Cameras

The huge success of Avatar has made its mark at the arena of hollywood. As Jim Jannard (Chief of RED) has revealed that the most creative and  academy award winning director of this movie james cameron has  ordered 50 RED EPIC-M cameras. The massive success of avatar over world wide has created a batchmark for a  new flick in the franchise. RED EPIC-M cameras has modular design which can be used to shoot in 3D, as two EPIC-M camaras can be placed on the same mount and linked.

The best looking RED EPIC-M cameras are packed with tech and has a very attrective industrial design that makes them unique from the other cameras and it also has astounding 5k image resolution. Surprsingly its price is quite controvarsial. As RED EPIC-M cameras retail for $58,000 so Cameron’s order closed to $3 million, this would surpass Peter Jackson order who purchased 30 EPIC-M cameras late last for “The Hobbit”. Probably Cameron placed this order for making sequel of Avatar 2 which is going to hit cinemas in 2014.

The RED EPIC-M 5k-resolution is delivered courtesy of a 5k Mysterium-X sensor. It incorporates a bomb electronic viewfinder, a five-inch touchscreen, an SSD module, a remote and four 128GB SSD cards.  The device can be used wire free and delivers a peak frame rate of 120FPS, even at its highest resolution settings.

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