Linking iPhone screenshots with Automator, ImageMagick and shell scripting

Some of us forget while writing that not everybody is aware of the names of all the software that is available. So, let us first deal with what Automator and ImageMagick is all about. Automator is the software from Apple Inc.  for OS X which helps us in reducing our effort of doing repetitive tasks of changing each file manually by drag and drop method of creating the workflow. ImageMagick which is an open source software suit has the ability to read and write over 200 image file formats and they have Apache 2.0 license. You can also use ImageMagick to display and convert or edit the raster image files.

Applying the Automator, ImageMagick and shell scripting

Now, when you have got an idea about the different software and their uses you can easily apply it to get different forms of images. Installing ImageMagick will be easier for you and you can also use the shell scripting to build an Automator system which will make a single long photo where you will find all the photos placed one after another in a long chain form.

Installation of ImageMagick

So, let’s get started with the installation of ImageMagick and you yourself will be able to build and install it or take the help of MacPorts or Homebrew for this. MacPorts is much simpler than Homebrew for Mountain Lion or Lion or Snow Leopard but the only thing is that you will need the Xcode and the command – line tools also needs to be installed for the use. Homebrew on the other hand requires you to copy and paste the one line code in the Terminal to get it running.

Building Automator

In order to build Automator you have to open the app and select “Service from this window” and “Run Shell Script” action, now add command. Now while adding command if you notice that Automator is adding “Get Selected Finder Items” then let it be, otherwise you have to add it later. If everything works fine then you can just carry on with it by saving it with a suitable name. Now you will find the option in the Finder every time you right click into the image files. After installing it and working with it when you will display the result then it might get mixed reaction but don’t get disappointed as everybody has their own opinion but mostly people will like the idea of tiling pictures together.


You have completed all the steps, installed everything the way it should have been done then go ahead and check whether you have done it correctly! Select some of the images in the Finder, click on the big Run button which is located in the Automated toolbar and see the magic unfold in front of your eyes.  If you are satisfied with the result then save it with an appropriate name. You can do thousands of things with this tool, you can capture images, copy them or delete then from your iPhones and if required you will be able to import from the scanner too. So, enjoy your stint with ImageMagick.

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