Rumour Mill: Could the iPhone 5S be getting some bling?

The reveal of the iPhone 5S is just weeks away now, and the rumour mill is definitely in overdrive as sites across the internet scramble to capitalist on the increasing interest in Apple’s new upgrade. Together with online mobile phone retailer E2Save we’ve taken a look at some of the best for you, so you can start looking forward to the big reveal!

Apple iPhone 5

The latest story to hit the headlines is truly creative, in all senses of the word: Japanese site Macotakara has recently reported that as well as the classic black and white colours that the iPhone has always been available in, the new handset will also be available in “Champagne gold” – an entirely new prospect for the famous device, and some would say highly improbable.

So how likely is it in reality? Well, iMore’s Rene Ritche revealed last Friday that their in-house factory expert believed gold to be the easiest colour to anodise onto an iPhone – so at least in terms of cost and time, this wouldn’t be a major restriction. Gold is also one of the most popular after-purchase modifications to iPhones, too, meaning that Apple could be looking to keep their branding more consistent with the new colour scheme. There’s speculation that this will be similar in style to the short-lived gold iPad Mini, with a sleek metallic appearance rather than the plastic gloss of the black and white versions.

Other rumours surrounding the Phone 5S have been a little easier to imagine. Apple are well known for releasing an upgraded version of each handset, and this time around many are expecting an improved touch display as well as a sapphire home button to match the lens button. If leaked information is correct, we can also look forward to a second LED in the camera flash light, an option for larger 128GB storage and even a biometric fingerprint scanner – an Apple first, if true.

The official reveal of the iPhone 5S is scheduled for September 10th – stay tuned for more news and information on the day.

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