The Glass Tank By Kouichi Okamoto


The Glassy Tank has been designed by Japanese designer, Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei design. The Glassy Tank works with air and water pressure. You don’t have to worry that the liquid will fall from the glass. When emptying the glass, the tank will  re-fill it with a constant amount of liquid without flowing over the brim. It Looks Awesome!



26 thoughts on “The Glass Tank By Kouichi Okamoto”

  1. “How many drinks did you have again sir?”

    “I schwear ossifer, I’ve only hads one drinks…”

  2. No, len. Tequila is a solid and wine is a liquid, so therefore you can only use wine.

    Also, why would you want one of these? Imagine drinking from it, and carrying it around. You’d look like such a tool and it would be really awkward.

  3. Why not just drink from the bottle at that point? I imagine that it would fall over with the slightest bump and break. Also this looks very hard to clean. Clearly the designer has not had a lot of good red wine as it will leave lots of legs and film when it dries against the glass. I love how all these novel “concepts” on the internet are all so impractical.

  4. Why are you people being such haters?? This maybe impractical, but that is an unusual device that not many people can come up with. Why criticize him for making it?
    Did anyone FORCE you to buy it?

  5. maybee if u try to grow an AGAVE there u can’t but tequila is liquid too, or if u want to fill it with pulque u cant but dont do stupid questions YES U CAN.

  6. It’s not meant to be drunk from, you retards. My god. Are you really all this stupid?

    It’s a fancier, prettier, majestic version of the god damn bottle. It stands there looking beautiful holding the drink with a cool effect where it seems like it should spill all over the place.

    It’s not a god damn drinking glass. Think for at LEAST 10 seconds before you say something,

  7. Since when has Tequila been a solid? All of the Tequila I have seen is in a bottle and is a liquid. ahaha

  8. i mean you gotta be careful while pouring it if you accidentally let air in it could be a disaster especially with wine.

  9. Yes it does look like an upside down bong i wonder if some stoner out there will buy this and try to turn it into a bong???

  10. Melt a hole in the side, slide in a downstem. get your bowl n fire it.. then take out the downstem, wash it out, fill it with wine (be sure not to break it, the glass is probably much thinner than most waterpipes). Plug a stopper or a cork in the hole, and consume your beverage..

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