We grieve for you “Steve Jobs”

The irreparable lose of Steve Jobs make the world grievous. Here, We present our selection of photos from around the world, which show the reaction of different people over death of Steve Jobs.

Commemorate the great man with whom we are fortunate to live in the same time. After all, Steve Jobs has created a world-famous gadgets, ranging from the personal computer, and ending with iPhone, thereby dramatically changed our everyday lives.

1. New York 5 October 2011. People go to Apple Store with flowers and lit candles in front of iPhone which has Jobs’ phone in it. He died at the age of 56, cause of his death was pancreatic cancer from which he was suffering till last 8 years.

2. California, Palo Alto. Appolina Arno a 12 year old neighbor of Steve Jobs writes a message on the wall opposite of the Jobs’ house in Palo Alto, Calif.

3. California, Cupertino. The central office of Apple lowered the flags.

4. Santa Monica, California. Girl Molly wrote his message on the window of the store Apple.

5. California, San Francisco. 24-year-old programmer Steve Stresa near Apple Store.

6. Korea Exchange in Seoul, October 6, 2011. On the monitor image of Steve Jobs.

7. Santa Monica, California. Photography Jobs on the screen in Apple Store.

8. California, Pasadena. Apple, which says “goodbye”, near the store Apple.

9. Tokyo. Reporters interviewing passers-by about the death of Steve Jobs, near the store Apple.

10. California Pasadenea. Stickers with the words in the Apple Store.

11. New York. Wall inscription at the main store of Apple. Thanks to Steve Jobs’ inventions changed our daily lives and the world’s computer technology.

12. Beijing, China. Photographer puts flowers near the Jobs’ photograph.

13. Near Apple Store in Beijing passer photographs exposed the flowers that brought people to the memory of the deceased Steve Jobs.

14. Beijing, China. The girl in the hands of his iPad.

15. Tokyo. White roses near the store of Apple.

16.  Sydney, October 6, 2011.

17.  5th October 2011 Cupertino, California. Around the central office of Apple, Lin Lin, a native of San Jose puts flowers on the bench in memory of Steve Jobs.

18. Flowers and Apples are left at the opposite of central office of Apple in memory of Steve Jobs.

19. iPad with a picture of Steve Jobs, which is on the bench near the central office of Apple.

20. California, Palo Alto. An improvised memorial to Steve Jobs in front of Apple Store. At Apple stores across the globe, people gathered in order to pay tribute to Steve Jobs.

21.  Relatives says that death of Steve Job was painless.

22. Dallas. Misty Rake with the iPad, on the screen, which features a portrait of Steve Jobs store near Knox-Henderson Apple.

23. California, Los Altos. This is the House with garage from which he and his partner Wozniak created the world famous company Apple.

24. California, Cupertino. Jim Bryson near a makeshift memorial set up in memory of Steve Jobs around the main office of Apple.

25. California, Pasadena. Flower and apple near showcases Apple Store. grieve

26. California, San Francisco. Memorial in memory of the deceased founder of Apple – Steve Jobs.

17. Korea Exchange in Seoul, October 6, 2011. On the monitor image of Steve Jobs.

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