9 Best Android Security apps 2014

In this article AllTechBlog.com is going to cover the best Android Security apps which aims to cover almost every aspect of security. From keeping your smartphone safe to keeping in touch with family in emergencies, the Top Android Security App list is going to cover everything. Here we go.

1. DroidWall (Android Firewall)


It is very insecure and annoying when some apps on your Android smartphone continuously tries to get connected with Internet. This is where DroidWall comes into picture. It is a simple and easy to use app that controls the network connectivity of any other app installed on your Android phone. This app is freely available.

Download: DroidWall (Android Firewall)


2. MobilePatrol


MobilePatrol is a modern, helpful and informative app than a full on security app. MobilePatrol lets you stalk different kinds of crimes that are happening in your surroundings and also instructs you of criminals staying in your surroundings. The app lets you observe crucial security news such as Quick emergency alerts, prison bookings, VINE notices, warrants and most-wanted persons. It is always better to know about surroundings security risks and helps yourself to get protected and secured. The information provided by this app is official and up to date as this app works directly with local sheriff’s offices. This app is freely available.

Download: MobilePatrol


3. Secure Her

Secure Her

This app is very much necessary for Females as it is an emergency notification app that stores your five emergency contacts and notifies them whenever you are in trouble and dangerous situation. It also notifies the local authorities of your danger. It provides 24/7 support center which is there to assist you in a dire situation. This app is very easy to use and is freely available.

Download: Secure Her


4. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

There are numerous apps and viruses available that’s why having a proper Antivirus app on your Android device is very much important. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus secures your smartphone from external malware attacks by running at the background of your phone. This app protects your confidential data from being leaked or stolen by the intruders. It is the top android app to protect your phone from dangerous viruses and threats. This app is available in paid as well as in free version.

Download: Avast Mobile Security


5. Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup PRO

Titanium Backup Pro is a fantastic app and have some amazing features which can not only backup everything including text messages, emails, contacts , app data and much more on your smartphone but also save it on remote server. Your phone is an investment, so you should safeguard your contacts, photos, texts, videos, and music by regular back-up. So there is nothing to worry even if you change your phone and have to restore the backed data. You will no longer have to start any games from scratch again, even if you change your phone. You can also block many apps via this app that you feels like bugging or using internet to send data. You will need a rooted device to use Titanium backup pro app. There is a free version of Titanium Backup available but it does not support even basic functions that make it a fabulous security app. The paid version is available at $6.58.

Download: Titanium Backup Pro


6. First Aid

First Aid

First Aid app is a quick instruction manual which is very simple, easy to understand and comes in handy in a critical situations. This app provides instructions for along with pictures for every possible scenarios. This app will keep you prepared for every tough situations as preparedness is the key to survival. In a way, the best security app for Android is First Aid since it helps you retain control in toughest conditions. First Aid is a detailed first aid guide which will come into play while you wait for the ambulance to arrive. This app is freely available.

Download: First Aid


7. GotYa! Security & Safety


GotYa! Security & Safety helps you to find your lost/stolen smartphone and helps you to track your phone location. With GotYa! Security & Safety you will be able catch thieves and fin your phone in no time. This app will capture the location from the rear camera of your smartphone and email it to you with the GPS location. You can leave this app running in the background without worrying about battery because it consumes very less battery power. This app is available in paid version at $1.99.

Download: GotYa! Security & Safety


8. Life360


This is the best app for parents who worry about their kids. Install this app on every smartphone in your family and you will have a good tracking service. Life360 helps you trace your family whenever you want. It traces location of every family member very accurately. It is a handy app when there is an urgent need and you want everyone back at home. This app is freely available.

Download: Life360


9. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN helps to safeguard and secure you when surfing the Internet at Starbucks, airport, teapost or any other free WiFi spot. SurfEasy secures you by offering online privacy and security by encrypting all Internet traffic on your device. It hides your IP address, area and identity so that you can browse secretly without being traced. Also this app helps you to unblock blocked websites. This app is freely available.

Download: SurfEasy VPN

That’s it!! Top Android Security app list ends over here. Let us know if you find any other top security app that is very interesting.

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