14 Essential and MUST HAVE Apps for Your Android Phone

The ever-rising Android Market is flooded with apps that never stops to push the boundaries for better user experience. For every category there are hundreds of options to pick. . Well, AllTechnoBlog.com has done some basic filtering and have collected a list of 14 Essential and MUST-HAVE Android Apps.


facebook app

Facebook for Android is the certified Facebook App which permits you to connect with your friends, family and clients right from your smartphone. With the Facebook Android App, you can send messages to anybody and at any time suitable for you and you can do real-time chat too. You can also update your status, share photos, comments and likes the posts of your choice. It also syncs your mobile contacts with Facebook friends and shows Facebook data in your Contact. Facebook Messenger has recently gained a new modern interface that is a combo of Android and iOS 7. Developers had tried to gather the best from both the OS and made Messenger one of the best and MUST HAVE apps in its category. This app is freely available.

Download: Facebook

Skype – free IM & Video Calls

Skype - Android App to Make Free Video Calls

Skype is one of the most famous and very well known video calling app for Android users. Skype has been around for a long number of years, and this just means they have mastered the technology running into their android app. With a Skype app, you can chat with users on Macs/tabs/Pc’s. This app is available on all computing stands. This app also offers instant messaging, voice or video call, video messaging, and photo sharing with other Skype users. The Skype service is totally reliable, and video quality is amazing.

Download: Skype



Evernote is absolutely the master of all note taking apps. It has everything for every kind of people. It includes picture capture, voice reminders, to-do lists, search, and much more features. One of the noteworthy thing of Evernote is its ability to sync with all of your devices. Evernote can also be used to email the notes or even save tweets to the Evernote account. Evernote’s free service offers 60MB every month, while their paid plan offers 16GB and many more features for $45 a year. It has the large number of downloads and is voted as one of the must-have Android app by New York Times, making it the most well-liked note-taking application.

Download: Evernote

Secure Her

Secure Her

This app is quite important for Females as it is an emergency notification app that keeps your five emergency contacts and pings them whenever you are in troublesome condition. It also notifies the local police of your area. It provides 24 x 7 support center which is there to help you in a difficult situation.

Download: Secure Her

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup PROTitanium Backup Pro is a fabulous app and have some note worthy features which can not only backup everything but also save it on their server. It safeguard your contacts, photos, texts, videos, and music by regular back-up. So there is nothing to worry for you even if you keep changing your phone. You can also stop many apps that you feels using internet to send data. A rooted device will be needed to use Titanium backup pro app. Although there is a priceless version of Titanium Backup available but it does not support even simple functions that make it a great security app. The paid version is offered at $6.58.

Download: Titanium Backup Pro

Google Maps


Google Maps always comes as first to anyone’s thinking when it comes to the travel and navigation solution. This app offers priceless service to its users. It helps users to find surrounding places, allow users to measure distance between routes, calculates travel time and lots more. It do provides offline support for users to access mapping information.

Download: Google Maps

UC Browser

UC Browser for Android

UC Browser is speediest browser. It facilitates multi-touch and also can identify and navigate through voice commands. You need to Install Google Voice to make Voice Control work.UC Browser uses Cloud Acceleration technique to load webpages quickly. You can download files through UC Browser at great speeds.

Download: UC Browser

ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM Toolbox is an essential and must-have Android App for rooted users, it gives you many choices to tweak your phone. In Personalization, you can alter your system font, download boot animations, and download themes. Also you can tweak your system’s CPU sliders, edit and tweak build, Prop, boost your SD card browsing and get memory management. There are also selections like downloading and installing ROMs, make ROM’s backup and eraseDtat / Cache / Dalvik Cache slots directly from the ROM Toolbox Interface. You can also organize apps using App Manager and expands for System files using Root Browser in ROM Toolbox.

Download: ROM Toolbox

Olive Office Premium

Olive Office Premium (free)

Olive Office Premium is a freely available Android App that lets you see and edit documents like Word Files, PPT, XLS files and you can also view PDF files on it. Most other apps of this class are premium apps even though they offer generally the same features.

Download: Olive Office Premium



Zedge is a famous site to download mobile related stuffs like Wallpapers, Screensavers, Ringtones, Notification sounds etc for your android phone. There are millions of free downloadable item and you can also preview or listen to audio files prior downloading. You can also login and upload your app right from the Zedge App.

Download: Zedge



Instagram app lets you apply a variety of photo filters, modifications and effects after clicking photos within the app. The trendiest feature is the app which gives you the ability to create photos with the Tilt-Shift effect.

Download: Instagram

Clean Master

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE

Having multiple apps on a smartphone occupies lot memory and RAM and thus affecting the performance. Clean Master app, as the name itself specifies that it cleans the phone and has simple interface. It scans the phone for unused files and clears all the cache and unwanted files. It has a Privacy option that wipes all the browsing history, search history, sent and received messages, call logs and data from apps like saved usernames and passwords. It can also stop apps that run on the backend, thus increasing the performance by clearing RAM. It also has an app manager that permits the user to remove pre-installed apps.

Download: Clean Master


Perfect App Protector (AppLock)

 Perfect App Protector(AppLock)

This is one of the apps that allows users to safeguard their apps on cell phones. Users can set a password that protects their Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, SMS, E- mail, and many other app of their choice. It also helps to manage the brightness of the screen for any particular apps.

Download:  Perfect App Protector (AppLock)


Google Translate


At last but not least this app helps you to convert between as many as 64 languages, and can offer audio translations for any language.

Download: Google Translate

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