10 Portable DVD Players Of 2011

It is really nice to have a DVD player at home. You can save money by buying DVDs which cost less than going to the movies which usually costs more. However, it is not all of the times that you will be at home to enjoy your DVDs. You need a player that you can carry anywhere. You should check out the 10 portable DVD players for 2011 and see which one you like.

1) Toshiba SDP93s

Pros: Major feature that you will see in this device is the presence of an SD card slot. You will be able to watch movies and pictures and also listen to music even if it is not burned in a disc. And the size of the screen is also about 9 inches which gives you quality viewing.

Cons: When you listen using the speakers, the volume tends to be a bit weaker than the normal. It is advised that you used headset to be able to hear quality audio. Battery life is only 5 hours for play time and 4 hours for charging. If you are an avid movie viewer, this might be a problem for you.


2) Sony DVP-FX930

Pros: With a 9-inch screen, you can enjoy viewing movies with high resolution and pristine picture. The screen can also swivel up to 180 degrees to accommodate other viewers. You can even fold the back of the screen as if it is a hand-held tablet.

Cons: Compatible files are limited for this device as well as presence of other ports for external memory. Another drawback is that the buttons are not so sensitive to touch. You can’t tell right away if the device is working properly or not.


3) Philips PET7402/37

Pros: You will enjoy two screens in a 7-inch display with simple navigation to get you going right away. It is the lightest device among the ten devices reviewed.

Cons: You should be weary as to how long the movie will play. This device can only play up to 2.5 hours which means you get to watch one movie at a time. There is the absence of a USB port and other ports for external sources of media files.


4) Panasonic DVD-LS86

Pros: One very good thing about this device is that it has the longest number of hours of play back. You can enjoy continuous movie viewing up to 13 hours.

Cons: The size and the weight are a bit heftier than the others although it is the average measurements that you will see.


5) Coby TF-DVD7377

Pros: The size of the screen measuring up to 7 inches gives you enjoyable viewing experience.

Cons: Major drawback for this device is its number of hours for playback and the warranty that you will receive. Playback time is only up to 2.5 hours while the warranty is only up to 90 days.


6) Sony DVP-FX730

Pros: The 7-in screen can give you enjoyable experience plus 5 hours of continuous movie viewing. This is complimented with its light weight measuring only 1.9 pounds.

Cons: One of the drawbacks of this DVD player is its price. Other than that there is none.


7) Panasonic DVD LS83

Pros: Having 8.5 inches for your display, you enjoy watching movies without having to strain your eyes because of the display. The enjoyment is surely maximized since you will have 6 hours of continuous viewing.

Cons: Not enough cool features to make this DVD player one of the most sought after brands.


8) Coby TF-DVD1023

Pros: This is the device that has the biggest screen among the ten devices reviewed.

Cons: With a 10.2-inch screen, the weight has been sacrificed having a 5-pound measurement. Another drawback is that the number of hours for play is only up to 2 hours.


9) Toshiba SD-P71s

This is one of the lightest devices measuring only up to 1.6 pounds. It is somewhat surprising that the size of the display which is 7 inches is not sacrificed.


10) GPX PDL805

Pros: The display screen is measuring up to 8.5 inches giving you appropriate enjoyment of the video that you are seeing.

Cons: This has the heaviest of all the ten devices reviewed. You have to carry around 6 pounds just for this one device. Another major drawback is that you can only do continuous movie viewing up to 3 hours which is about 1 movie and a half of the next one.

Portable DVD players are produced to help you enjoy the trip with movie viewing and quality audio output. You can never go wrong with any of these devices if you know how to manage the usage.

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