Microsoft Officially begins transition of Hotmail to

Microsoft had Launched with complete new looks last year. This launch had given clear signals that Microsoft is in mood of killing its old vulnerable mail service i.e Hotmail. And now it’s all official, Microsoft has made announcement that they have launched preview service all over the world wide which was announced last year in august. Microsoft had also added that they will be shifting almost 300 million plus Hotmail user accounts to new servers.

They added to the announcement that all old users of Hotmail, MSN and will be able to keep their extensions of email as it is but the login will be from And along with that they also added that now no new users will be able to make account with all previous extensions.

Microsoft’s plan for transition are as follow firstly they will be sending announcement mails to Hotmail users for shift then the users can shift over to immediately or postpone it. And by summer end of this year company will shift over all the pending left over account automatically.

Many users of Hotmail may not like the shift at the first but with passage of time they will surely like the features of and will support the shift. This shift may get mixed response from the public.

According to Microsoft Presently has over 60 Million user accounts which are active and statics also say that 1/3 rd of the whole user count are Gmail users using as secondary email address.


Microsoft is in full plans to spread the buzz about the via various different kinds of Advertisements. Main goal of Microsoft is to grab more users into its court from Gmail.

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